Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Monday, October 7, 2013

Pieces of My Puzzle


I am a complex ball of chaos. Many facets make up the woman that I am. Like most people, I have several distinct "me's". And each part of who I am is like a piece to my puzzle. I'm an ever-changing puzzle that has never quite been put together yet. Old pieces wither away, new pieces constantly appearing. 

Fences on my playground......that's what Daddy calls the rules he sets for me. 

He isn't an overbearing micromanager of a Dom. He doesn't get off on exerting power over me just for the sake of doing so. Every rule he sets for me is well thought out. Every mandate he gives me to obey is something he has considered the pros & cons of. He has never given me an endless list of rules as some Doms might. I have no bedtime, I have a very loosely controlled budget, etc. Any time Daddy gives me a rule, I know in my heart that he has set the boundary for my own good. He is teaching me, guiding me, molding me into a happy & successful young woman that we can both be proud of. 

Daddy connects with me on every level of who I am and he understand me like me no one else could or ever has. The depth of our connection is truly phenomenal. 

He speaks to the very core of who I am. 

A part of me is still a little girl in many ways.....I love bubbles, I can't resist the urge to follow butterflies, I am distracted by shiny objects......a part of me is a little girl, he understands that and has made me *His* little girl. 

A part of me is a reckless teenager.......I drive cars like I've just stolen them, I will take insane risks without regard for consequence, I buck authority at every turn.......a part of me is a carefree teenager, he understands this and adopted me as *His* wayward little teenage brat. 

A part of me is a grown woman.......I am intellectual, independent, a control freak, proactive in my responsibilities........I am a passionate woman, he knows this and embraces the 'adult' me as *His* as well.

My needs vary as my moods do, sometimes as quickly as the tides change. And somehow, my Daddy always knows what my needs are and is always ready to meet them. He instinctively knows which hat to don for the job. 

At times I need my Daddy's unconditional love and nurturing demeanor. I need a pep talk to pick me up. I feel small with my Dad, protected, truly loved. When the "monsters" of life overwhelm me, he will hold me in his strong arms and shield me from it all for a while. 

Other times I need my father's strict, unwavering, disciplinarian side to whip my ass back into line. I need a no-nonsense scolding to shake me back to reality. I need to test that authority & see if he will bend.....he never has and that provides me an indescribable level of reassurance.

At times I need my best friend to listen to my sports rants, political discontent, parenting dilemmas. I need advice, I need direction, I need an Daddy is my compass. 

Some days I'm simply a spank-horny pain slut and need my overwhelmingly dominant, all-business, sadistic Dom to punish me harshly, to inflict the pain I crave, to test & push past my limits in order to quiet my chaotic mind and provide me that sweet escape into subspace, lost in that intoxicating bliss knowing that he is in complete control and I exist in that moment solely for his pleasure. 

I am complex; I think most human beings are. My moods change, my thought processes change, my wants change, my desires change, my needs change.........the one thing that is a constant in my life.......the one thing that has *never* changed, is my Daddy Dom's intuition, skill & ability to meet me on every level of who I am and truly satisfy every need that I have as *His* submissive. 

Whether it is the Daddy's girl little me, the abrasive defiant adolescent me, or the grown independent adult Dom is always aware of which piece of my puzzle he is currently mastering and I absolutely adore this man's ability to meet me on my many levels and satisfy my ever-changing needs. 

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