Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

What Happens In Vegas (Part 3)

Shane very lightly ran his middle finger up and down her soaking wet slit. Despite her punishment, or perhaps because of it, Leah was incredibly turned on. He smiled to himself as he contemplated the further punishment he chose to met out. Leah raised her hips and pressed back against his wandering finger. He inserted his finger deep inside of her and then quickly retracted it. Though still gagged, Leah let out a mixture of a sigh and a whimper. She wanted him. She needed him inside of her. 


Again Shane's heavy hand swatted her aching lips as she bucked forward in an attempt to dodge the swats. He roughly grabbed her hips and yanked her back down the bed to the very foot of it where she remained still face down and ass up, wrists securely restrained to her thighs, open, exposed, vulnerable, helpless. 

"I can see my naughty little girl is turned on. Pity she couldn't have behaved herself tonight so she could cum and enjoy herself. No, my girl had to be disobedient, and earn herself a punishment. This is not for you pet, this is for my pleasure."  He scolded in a cool and detached tone of voice that raised her anxiety. 

Shane had been hard since he had returned to their suite and saw her gorgeous, naked body kneeling submissively by the fire as he had ordered. And now, he would find his release, using her body for his pleasure and his pleasure to enhance her punishment. 

Leah gnawed the rubber ball gag in her mouth as she felt his hard cock slowly sliding up and down her drenched slit, as his finger had before. She wanted to badly to push back onto him, but thought better of it. He knew he was driving her crazy and took his time intent on prolonging her suffering. His hands roughly traced the marks on her bottom and thighs and occassionally placed a firm swat as he continued to tease her. 

After several long agonizing minutes of torturous teasing, she no longer felt him sliding between her lips. For a moment she felt nothing, and then.......the engorged head of his solid member was pressing lightly against her tight, tiny asshole. She inhaled sharply and flipped her hair away from her face as she spun her head to pleadingly pout back at him from over her shoulder. The second her eyes connected with his she knew she would receive no reprieve, but she couldn't help but pout and plead with him. 

Anal discipline and punishment had long been a part of their relationship. They had many plugs, wands, balls and other such toys in their collection. Leah didn't mind and even enjoyed it at times when she was a good girl and they were simply playing and he would take his time, going slowly, ensuring her comfort......but she knew this would not be one of those times. This was punishment and punishment was an entirely different beast. Punishment was rough. Punishment was hard. Punishment was not the enjoyable pain she yearned for. 

Shane absorbed the pleading look in Leah's eyes and then narrowed his and shot her a look that knotted her stomach in trepidation and flooded her eyes with more unshed tears. She quickly turned her face away from his and almost as quickly he roughly took her by the hair and leaned in over her to press his face against the side of her head, his hot breath on her neck. 

"You were a bad girl, pet. When my pet is bad, she is punished.....thoroughly.....harshly."  He murmured into her ear, his fist wound tight in her hair.

She whimpered and chewed her bottom lip as she again felt him grab her hips and press, more firmly this time, against her bottom. With his cock only lubricated with her juices he pressed steadily against the resistance at the entrance to her ass. He smiled to himself as he felt her tense and tighten, he welcomed this challenge, and selfishly the more she resisted & fought the better it felt to him. She whined as he pushed slowly working the head of his member into her. As he felt her muscles begin to adjust to the intrusion, he dug his rough fingers into the sides of her hips and thrust forward, filling her in one swift movement, causing her to squeal against the gag in her mouth. 

He paused, buried deep inside of her, allowing her bottom to adjust to the size of him as he slowly traced his fingertips across the welts from the belt. Tears slowly spilled from her blue eyes and slid down her cheeks onto the bed in front of her as she fought to relax despite the incredible discomfort of him filling her ass; she knew from experience that this was only the beginning of what she had long ago termed a 'punishment fuck.'  


After a few moments of remaining still deep inside of her tiny asshole, Shane again gripped her hips and began to rhythmically sawing in and out. Her muscles again tightened, resisting the irritation of the semi-dry friction and the constant thrusting. Rather than let this sway him, he relished it and only quickened his pace. Every hard thrust caused his hips to slap into her tender well-whipped bottom, making her flinch.

Leah's hands, bound by the wrist to her thighs, twisted and strained to grasp fistfuls of the bed sheets in her palms to squeeze and she sobbed heavily into the bed. The ball gag filled her mouth, preventing her from crying out, but as she moaned and squealed some audible sound escaped and found her Dom's ears. 

Shane loved hearing his girl whimper as he anally dominated her. It was an incredible turn on to him. There is something far more primal an far more dominant about a man taking a woman this way. Bending her over, grabbing her hips tight and ass fucking her until he finds his release. Such a primal demonstration of his dominance over her, his ownership of her body, and her submission & service at his pleasure. 

Again he picked up the pace, thrusting into her at a very fast pace and she twisted the balled sheets in her tightly gripped hands and squealed. He held her right hip in his hand but took his left hand and grabbed a fistful of her hair at the tender nape of her neck and roughly yanked her head up and back so he could better hear her squeals and see her tears. He found her eyes and held them captive and he fucked her ass harder, burying himself all the way inside of her tight ass, ensuring he punished the inside of her ass as well as the outside.Tears cascaded down her cheeks consistently now as she slowly stopped clenching and resisting him. He watched her teary eyes closely, noting the very clear and unmistakable change in her eyes as she again dipped in and out of her subspace. 

The discomfort she had felt up until now was fading and she was finding her predicament exciting. She could feel her cunt ache and tighten, begging for his attention. If she had been a good girl, he would be stimulating her now as he fucked her tiny ass, or allowing her to. If she were not gagged she would likely be begging him for release now. The pain was dissipating and what remained was a deliciously full feeling as he continued her punishment fuck and it only fueled her wanton lust. 

Shane knew exactly what his naughty little sumissive wanted, and he was absolutely not going to give it to her, despite her best efforts. She pled with her eyes, he ignored her. She had genuinely displeased him and embarrassed him in public and that thought drove him as he again changed up his pace. Now pulling completely out of her ass before slamming back into her, over and over. Every harsh, unrelenting, merciless thrust of his hips buried him deeper inside of her tight ass and made it more difficult for her to feel pleasure above the pain. Each thrust made it feel as if she were being entered anew and literally impaled by his throbbing cock. She pulled against her restraints and whimpered. He fucked her harder, sensing his own release building and determined to make certain she was used solely for his pleasure, she did not deserve a orgasm and she would have hell to pay if she came without his permission during a true punishment. 


As Shane erupted inside of Leah's now swollen asshole, she could feel every vein and every inch of his now even larger cock stuffed deep inside of her ass. She chewed the gag in her mouth and moaned, lifting her hips, again begging for his attention, scanning his face over her shoulder, imploring him to allow her to cum. 

Shane held her gaze as he pulled out of her ass, before smacking each thigh harshly, leaving immediate handprints in his wake. 


"Stop acting like a slut in heat. You are being punished."  He barked at her. 

The tone of his voice caused fresh tears to trickle down her cheeks as she again turned her face away from him and lay it on the bed, feeling truly chastised. 

Shane left her alone on the bed, sore, used and drowning in thought as he left and took his time showering and preparing for the duration of her punishment. 


As Shane left the steamy bathroom after a long, hot shower he brought with him a heavy, solid oak bathbrush. He paused as he entered the bedroom again to look at Leah as she lay bound, gagged, and marked on the foot of the bed precisely where he had left her. He smiled to himself and his heart swelled with pride as he watched and appreciated the depth of her devotion and submission to him. She lay obediently in position, willing to endure whatever additional punishment he chose to administer to her errant bottom. 

Leah felt Shane's large, powerful hand pressing firmly on the small of her back and almost immediately after, the searing pain of the bathbrush attacking her already sore ass and thighs. 


Leah struggled and pulled against her bindings. The futile effort caused Shane to smile softly and increase the tempo. He paddled her naughty ass furiously with the back of that brush as she squirmed under the weight of his hand firmly holding her in place. She whimpered and cried against the rubber ball gag inside of her mouth as Shane continued to assault her bared bottom as she lay helpless to avoid it. 

Occasionally he would sit the brush on the bed and gently massage her burning flesh and slide his fingers between her legs and into her hot, slick wetness. Though she writhed under the blows of her punishment, she was again drenched. After teasing her mercilessly for several minutes, he would return to the relentless paddling of her ass and thighs with that wicked brush. 


Tears soaked her face as her body fell still. She no longer fought against her restraints or squirmed to dodge the barrage of swats still consistently connecting with her terribly sore flesh. She lay in position, still minus the shakes from her soft sobbing, and absorbed every punishing swat Shane chose to inflict. She dipped in and out of her subspace and was truly remorseful for her uncharacteristic behavior. Leah wanted nothing more than to please her Dom now, and the first step in that process was to endure the pain he wished to inflict. 

After several more minutes of furious paddling aimed at her upper thighs and sit spots, the swats stopped falling and she lay breathing raggedly and sobbing incoherently. 


Shane sat on the foot of the bed beside his beloved submissive and flipped the oak bathbrush over in his hand and began to harshly scrub the stiff bristles all over Leah's heavily punished backside. 

This new sensation made Leah buck forward initially, but Shane's heavy hand gripped her hip and jerked her back into position, where she remained for the duration. Shane took his time roughly brushing her tender flesh with the hard bristles of the brush. Tiny abrasions began to appear and he ensured every inch of her ass and thighs were covered. 

Once he was satisfied, he tossed the brush onto the floor and rose to his feet, disappearing into the bathroom once more. When he returned, a latex glove was on his right hand and a tube of Capzasin cream in his left. 


He sat next to Leah's spent, exhausted body once again and began to liberally apply the viscous ointment. Leah had not yet realized what her Dom was massaging into her skin and raised her hips to meet his gentle touches. Shane smiled to himself as he applied two or three thick layers to her bottom, thighs, and sit spots before stopping to reach into his bag beside the bed. 

He pulled a large anal plug out of the bag and pulled Leah over his lap, still bound with her wrists to her thighs. She lay over his knee open, exposed and vulnerable. Shane ran the plug along her soaking wet pussy and then back to her now swollen tight asshole. He pressed firmly at the opening and forced her bottom to accept this new intrusion as she whimpered over his knee. He smiled and removed the plug multiple times, only to again bury it in her tiny, tight ass. Intentionally working up an irritating friction, as he considered the final portion of her punishment. 

After a couple of minutes he removed the plug and slowly, liberally coated the toy with the Capzasin cream. After he was satisfied with the lubricant, he pressed the plug deep into her ass in one swift movement, causing her to buck her hips forward and whimper.


Shane wrapped his hands around her waist and lifted her from his lap as he stood, then carried her with him back into the sitting area of their suite where he deposited his properly punished submissive onto the plush rug in front of the fireplace before sitting himself in the oversized leather chair and looking down and into her eyes. 

By now Leah was beginning to feel the intense burning build on her ass and thighs from the Capzasin. Tears filled her eyes as she knelt looking pleadingly up and into her Dom's eyes, imploring him for leniency. She knew from experience that this was only going to get much, much worse for both the outside and inside of her throbbing ass. Shane watched her squirm and struggle on the floor in front of him, her face locked on him, her sore ass facing the warm fire, no doubt intensifying her burn. 

"Do not ever think that you are safe from discipline and punishment, my pet. Noise can be avoided. The only way you can guarantee yourself to avoid an evening like this, darling, is to behave yourself. We may be in Vegas, but gambling was not a wise choice."  Shane scolded down to her as his eyes held hers hostage and flashed with sadistic delight as his girl knelt before him, struggling to endure the end of her punishment. 


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