Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Monday, May 5, 2014

Whips & Chains


I saw this photograph a few days ago and it just made me swoon.  :)  

Naturally the first thing to pop out at me was her kneeling position and the stark contrast of his attire to her bare skin. A picture says a thousand words, right? Even if the text was absent, the photograph alone speaks volumes to the dynamic of relationship depicted. 

Ah, but those words   :)

"It's a lot more than just whips and chains."

In deed it is. 

It is also paddles, belts, brushes, canes, soap, corners, blindfolds, restraints, cords, switches.  :)

It is trust, respect, brutal honesty, complete adoration. 

It is a challenge, an adventure, a journey. 

It is creativity, ingenuity, determination.

It is two people daring to script their own reality of what so many others will leave simply an unfulfilled fantasy for a lifetime. 

It is caring, exploring the depth of your partner's mind, choreographing a breathtaking dance that He leads and you can not help but to follow. 

It is hard, it takes effort, tears, overcoming doubts. It is a willingness to test limits and trusting him to always bring you safely back. 

It is teaching, learning, molding, morphing. 

It is discipline, it is tangible consequences, it is punishment, it is role play, it is just because. 

It is freeing, it is comforting, it is building. 

It is power exchange, it is loss of control, it is better than sex. 

It is a connection between two people on a level so deep and intense that very few others could possibly understand the nuances and intricacies. 

It is pleasing Him always in all things, which in turn will please me immensely. 

It is Dominance, it is submission. 

It is Sadism, it is masochism.

It is commitment, absolution, love.

It is a Disciplinarian and his naughty little girl.....
It is a Dom and his wilful, wanton sub.....
It is a Sadist and his masochistic pain slut.....
It is a Daddy and his errant, bratty daughter.....

It is Him.....It is me.....It is Us.


  1. Hi Imp,

    I like the way you up dated your blog, Looks good.

    Old Friend

  2. Some people will just never get it, you know?

  3. David........Thank you, darling. Shoot me an email so we can get together for lunch or something to catch up.

    Susan.........Most never will Mama, it I those who *think* they do that bother me the most, ya know? ;)