Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Friday, May 2, 2014

Content Submissive

May 2nd, 2014

A simple yet poignant statement, and oh how very true it is.

The power my Dom has over me is perhaps never more evident than when he narrows his gorgeous, expressive, dark brown eyes at me and I immediately, submissively retract and lower mine in response. 

Not one audible word spoken, not one word needed, but a message very clearly conveyed. 

I got to see my Daddy on Wednesday of this week and we spent our afternoon together. Though I'd kept my punishment list empty for more than 2 months, I had somehow accumulated multiple offenses in the days leading up to our reunion. And I was held accountable for every single one of them that afternoon. 

My previous concerns of my Dom taking it easy on me or treating me like a fragile porcelain doll very quickly dissipated. I realize now that I had worried myself for no reason at all, yes Daddy knew how sick I have been but he is also probably more in tune with my body than I am. He knew what I needed and expertly meted it out without restraint. Neither he nor I were disappointed with the session. 

I will naturally write out the session in its entirety soon (I actually am still working on the previous two to publish as my writing is one thing of many that has fallen behind during my health crisis) but for now I will say simply that it was precisely what I needed.....what we needed. 

I can not sit, lie down or walk without feeling the lingering effects of my punishment. I am sore, even now two days later, incredibly sore. I am still tracing my fingertips across the welts and bruises I earned myself. 

My body still aches. His marks lovingly adorn my tender flesh. My mind is silent in reflection. My lessons were learned at his hand. My heart lightened by his presence and affection. 

I was a naughty little sub girl. I pushed him, I had questioned him, I had been disobedient, I had been defiant. I had exercised freedoms I do not have. I violated his mandates. I had fought for control. I chose to test him and I laughed in his face. I provoked his sadist, implored him to let me toy with his strict side.

He tolerated minimally. He let me push but refused to waver. He was my wall and absorbed my reckless impact. He was firm with me. Dark, strict, unrelenting. He pulled me back to him. He harshly put me back in my place; the control again where it belongs, in his powerful hands. He stripped away my defiance, my naughtiness, my disobedience, my tough girl facade.......

He made me His good girl. 

I am an appreciative and content little submissive. 

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