Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

For His Pleasure

February 18th, 2015

I saw my Daddy Dom on Monday of this week. We hadn't seen one another since before Christmas, so it was L-O-N-G overdue. I only had one entry on my PL to be punished for and it wasn't a major offense or anything, but we addressed it none the less, along with several other "reminders" (as Daddy called them) to keep me on track and behaving like the angelic little Daddy's girl that I am. :)

It felt so amazing to be wrapped up in his arms. He felt amazing. He sounded amazing. He smelt amazing. God had I missed this man.

The scheduling was a fiasco and he ended up driving 45 minutes out of his way to come to me, even picking me up, which was incredibly sweet. I fought the entire 15 minute drive to our destination not to attack him in the car. I hadn't seen him in several weeks and I was right beside him but unable to wrap myself around about a test of patience. :)

It was snowing and still bitter cold, but I opted for a short skirt and heels because I know he enjoys it. After spending several hours together talking, spanking, laughing, and just being together we finally had to leave.....far too soon for my liking, but then again I always feel that way. :) As we were bundling up to go back out into the cold, he noted my attire and thanked me. :)

"You must be freezing. I mean I absolutely appreciate it, but you've got to be so cold. That is sacrifice."

I smiled up at him and responded,

"Sacrifice, submission, whatever you'd like to call it.......I just prioritize your pleasure over my's kind of part of our dynamic, Daddy.......and I actually sort of love it."

He smiled and enveloped me in another tight embrace.

Ahhh.......a relaxing day with my favorite man in the world, a nice tender red bottom, and his verbal acknowledgement of my efforts to please him.......Blissful way to start the week!


  1. You sound like a cheap whore. Short skirt and heels in Massachusetts in this weather?? Hotel? Plus he really is old enough to be your father for real. You must have deep issues.

  2. @ Anonymous.......Thanks for stopping by to comment. :) I suppose I am technically "cheap" since I don't charge for my services; it's just kind of part of who I am. :) The whore comment is amusing. FYI the weather does not nor has it ever dictated my attire, darling, I wear what I want. Sad you're ignorant enough to believe only "whores" wear skirts & heels, I am actually a professional and quite like the look. The age comment has intrigued me.....for unless you knew he & I personally, you wouldn't know how much older than I he is exactly.....but I will say you're right, he is chronologically old enough to have conceived a child of my age. Not sure why that would bother you, but then again you troll blogs to leave judgmental commentary so obviously I am not the only one with "deep issues." Actually our age difference is a large part of the reason I sought this relationship; it is a dynamic that I love & crave......he is a man I know, trust and respect.....unlike with a man my age, it is not simply sexual in nature. Ah to each his/her own. Thanks for the laugh!