Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Spot On

February 11th, 2015

I saw this whilst browsing today and absolutely loved it.

I am not certain a more accurate statement has ever been made.

There are literally dozens of people toward which you could conceivably have a strong physical attraction. We all have a "type" as far as what we find appealing. And even those with very specific tastes, are bound to see many people who fit their mold in this department.

A mental attraction is an entirely separate ball game; and in my own personal opinion, far more valuable. If you're being honest with yourself, most people don't even truly know the 'real you'......sure they know you, but they know the 'public you', the 'professional you', the 'perfected for public scrutiny you'.......rarely do we let down our guards and invite random people into meet, court, understand and truly know the 'real' us.


The answer is actually probably rooted in our own insecurities. We know the real us......every flaw, every issue, every imperfection. Even the most confident of human beings has a 'private self' versus a 'public self.' It is an innate self defense mechanism. We don't host walk throughs or open houses of the 'private self' because even if we've grown and learned not to be too self conscious about our flaws, we certainly don't want random people throwing them in our faces.

If you are honest with yourself and truly think about it, you've probably shown the 'real you' to a very limited number of people. Some spouses, parents, best friends, significant others, etc don't ever truly know the 'real' person.

When we do let down every defense and open ourselves up on a level that deep it is often only to those you love and know you can trust. Some people trust far easier than others, but even the most naïve of human beings prioritizes some level of self preservation and is cautious as to who enters this select group.

Connecting with someone physically is great but not enough, not sustainable. The physicality will inevitably change. We aren't all young and gorgeous forever; though as my 30th birthday approaches later this year I am still hopeful. :)

A mental connection is absolutely where the magic happens. It doesn't take much effort to stimulate a body, hell I have battery operated toys that do an amazing job of that! :) But to stimulate a mind, to truly intrigue ones' mental self, to connect on that intimate level is a feat some never experience.

When you have someone who understands the 'real you', and loves you anyway, you've got it made.

Someone who knows each flaw and embraces them as your 'cute quirks' or extends themselves to support you in changing those flaws and bettering yourself.

Someone who you could talk to for hours or simply sit in dead silence with and be content.

Someone you don't have to explain the root cause of each emotion to because they know you on the deepest of levels and fully understand what makes you tick.

Someone who finishes your thoughts, as if they could read your mind, because often times, they can.

Someone who rarely asks "are you okay?" because they know by the look on your face, the expressions you make, your body language.

Someone who challenges you, inspires you, drives you.

Someone who can tap into your emotions, your intellect, your inner self.

A person who knows you inside and out, possibly better than you do yourself. That is a rare and beautiful thing.

Some of us will never have this.

Others will be lucky enough to find it but may lose it before ever realizing the phenomena it is due to insecurity, "young & dumb syndrome", fear, etc.

The luckiest of us will find this connection, embrace it, nurture it and grow.....fully realizing the value of this level of intimacy......and they will cherish a life and a love fulfilled.


  1. Simply stated, simply beautiful. If only we could all find this, what a truly wonderful world this would be.

  2. Simply stated, simply beautiful. If only we could all experience this.

  3. @ Anonymous.......It would be nice, but I am afraid it is wishful thinking, some people simply are not capable of this level of intimacy.