Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I was asked by a blog reader recently about my thoughts on marks. Specifically he asked if I ever had a problem with being marked after a session. The short answer: No. 

Being Irish, I can have finicky skin at times so it always varies. One day I can take a very long, severe spanking and barely mark at all, perhaps just residual redness. At other times, I will start to bruise almost immediately after an implement is introduced. So each session is as different and unique in marking as it is in offenses. 

My very first session with Professor, he asked what my thoughts and limits were in regards to marking and I told him then that it is not an issue or something that bothers me at all. So we have not ever let the degree of marking end a session. I have no problem having marks, and he has no problem applying them. I think the only thing we do try to avoid is breaking skin; but aside from that, it is not a concern. Professor can spank long and hard so marking I consider to be inevitable. 

Typically after a punishment session, I am sore for a couple days and will have marks of some kind, whether it be bruises, welts, etc. They are a tender reminder of my punishment and typically compel me to behave myself. My very last spanking was for disrespect and it was a very intense spanking that actually left me tender and marked for almost a week; 6 days exactly, and prior to that punishment I had never been sore for more than 2 or 3 days. Needless to say, Professor's lesson on respect sunk in and wont need repeating.

Some implements will leave marks far quicker than others; such as our rubber loop strap. Come to think of it, whether rubber or leather, our straps leave their mark in the form of welts crisscrossing my bottom. Wooden implements typically cause bruising. The cane always leaves its mark; though we have only used the cane in a good girl spanking on campus and not yet for punishment, the perfect, parallel lines it left were notable for 3 days or so and I actually kind of thought that was hot. :)  

And just as specific implements cause greater marking, so too does the location. My thighs and sit spots will mark far quicker than my bottom.

I think I actually like the marks left behind from a spanking. The soreness is a physical reminder, but the marks a visual reminder and I expect both from an actual punishment spanking. When I feel or see the evidence left from the spanking, it is almost a point of pride for me as it is to other girls in D/s. I think that is directly related to my knowledge of who applied the Dominant. It makes me feel a certain amount of pride knowing that I submitted to him, took what he felt  I deserved and brought us closer by removing the offenses that had been between us. Make sense?

I smile at times as I look in the mirror after a session and see the reflection of marks. Though he typically does not like the offense for which he must punish me, I know Professor does enjoy administering a serious spanking. I know that regardless of the severity of marking, it was applied out of concern, care, love, protectiveness. I am *His* and he will spank me for my own good when I need it and for his pleasure. Belonging to Professor, it pleases me to please him. 

So there you go. I don't have any problem at all with having marks after a spanking. Only one man places marks on my body and I wear those marks with pride because they were administered from love and by the Dom to whom I belong. 

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