Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Friday, September 7, 2012

Public Service Announcement

I will preface this public service announcement by saying that it takes A LOT to shock me. Working in emergency medicine grants me the privilege of seeing some rather 'strange' things. I enjoy the adrenaline rush of my career and the occasional "What the hell were you thinking?" moments it brings about.....and I typically, as a rule, try not to judge other people. I'm relatively skilled at keeping a straight fact that is what got me in this predicament today in the first ability to keep a straight face. **sighs**


If you are going to walk into a public building (i.e. hospital) dressed from head to toe in an animal costume, refer to a restroom as a "litterbox", insist to me that you ate Friskies for breakfast and have your significant other explain to me that you need medical care because you keep "coughing up hairballs"........

It should NOT surprise you that I laugh in your face! It should not surprise you that I ask if you're spayed or neutered! It should not surprise you that I recommend a veterinary hospital as opposed to you wasting my freaking time! 

As I said, it takes a lot to shock accomplished that feat and then some! What the hell is wrong with some people??? I am told there is an entire "subculture" of these "Furries" and upon googling the term, I am more shocked than I originally was at the 'cat' patient I saw this morning. I rarely feel my time is wasted and I truly enjoy helping people.....but I imagine my 4 year old son could have accurately found the 'illness' from which the feline-human suffered......DON'T CONSUME FREAKING CAT FOOD, GENIUS!!!  

I wonder if I'll be in trouble for not keeping my mouth shut and remaining professional? I sure hope this incident in a lecture would surely bring about more giggles and smart ass commentary. :) 

I need a drink! And again, a muzzle might not be a bad idea!


  1. Oh wow! I can't imagine I would have reacted any differently to you! Still never a dull moment at the front end of healthcare!

  2. I have a plan! (Don't I always?) If you are in trouble at work for your reaction, show up dressed as a cute dog. See if the person who wants to lecture you can keep a straight face. Seems only fair, right? If you are not certain you can handle that on your own, I will be glad to represent you. I'll be the one dressed as a shark - that does seem appropriate for a lawyer, doesn't it? If nothing else, the two of us laughing will drown out the lecture.

    If the Professor wants to lecture you, then go to plan B.
    Plan B: Say the following, "Yes, sir. You are absolutely right, sir, I was unprofessional. I will never repeat that mistake." You can, of course, say that with complete honesty and sincerity because you are unlikely to have to treat another Furry. It's not like you live in Hollywood, after all. Oh, and leave the dog costume at home.

  3. You asked if he was spayed or neutered? Brilliant! I'm glad you laughed instead of being horrified.


  4. Joolz......never a dull moment :)

    Susan......I'm not in trouble. Phew. Actually I told Professor that if it helped my defense any, his voice inside of my head was laughing hysterically at my clever remarks :) He was hilarious and he has no problem with me being mouthy in this case :)

    Hermione.......I No one who is easily horrified belongs in try to find humor to break the seriousness at times, but this day I didn't have to look far :)