Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Short & Sweet

Ah the wonder and simplicity of effective communication. Lol. :) 

A bit of background....the last couple weeks has been busy for both Professor and I. Overwhelming schedules has limited our contact to emails.....later this week after the rush subsides, I'll call and be able to hear his voice for the first time in like 2 1/2 weeks. I've behaved relatively well and kept busy with moving stuff. He has been immersed in work but still makes time to send his brat a consistent diet of discipline via email....sweet, right? :) So any way, yesterday I was reminded that I have an exam to take Wednesday. I have known about this exam since June but somehow threw it into the back of my mind and ultimately forgot. Procrastination has been an issue for me for quite a while in varying manifestations. This one has ridiculously serious implications. I have to take this test this rescheduling. I have to not only pass it, but excel. It is pertinent to my career and a new mandate for our critical care team. I have several tests to take each year to re-certify in differing things (i.e. CPR, AED, etc) but this exam is not a repeat or is all brand new and I remembered it in time to give myself only 48 hours to stress and cram. So below you can see the exact email exchange between Professor and I on this subject. :)


I Wrote:

Sent: Monday, September 10, 2012 6:40 PM

I spoke to Miss Inconsiderate this morning and clearly defined the word 'respect' for her. 

I was reminded this afternoon that I have a huge exam on Wed.....I have known about it since June but somehow forgot. So ive screwed myself into having 2 days to study and cram an insane amount of information. And unlike most certification exams, this is not a repeat...ive never taken an ALS exam because I never thought it pertinent. Now though, work insists all the critical care & trauma response team members have an ALS certification......and I cant reschedule, so have to take it Wed whether im prepared to do it or not. 

Perhaps you should aim to beat the procrastination out of me so I stop forgetting important things until the last minute when I have to stress over it. Ive done this several times and I have to fix it or ill have a coronary in med school. 

Speaking of stress, how is the proposal coming along? Going to be done on time? Later in the week, after your grant stuff and my ALS exam, I need to call and talk to you. I have a parenting dilemma and havent talked to you in like 2weeks so kind of miss your voice. Oh where can I find your soccer games schedule for the fall? Talk soon Sir. 

Natalie Lynn

Professor Wrote:

Sent: Tuesday, September 11, 2012 4:43 PM
Subject: RE:

Put your procrastination on your PL for a good beating, Natalie Lynn.  Now, study.


See? Effective communication :) Short...not-so-sweet...right to the point 


  1. I don't know if you need a personal assistant to remind you of upcoming deadlines or an extra 6 hours in every day so you have time to remember.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. (How can you not pass if I'm doing that, right?)

    Why are you reading this when you are supposed to be studying?

  2. Now cross your toes and eyes too Susan.....if Professor finds out that I am blogging when I am clearly supposed to be studying, I'll be toast!

  3. My fingers, my eyes, my toes, my legs, and I'll throw in a few cross-stitches, too.

  4. Well, did you pass?????

  5. Susan......Yes ma'am, I passed. Hooray! Well...sort of hooray. I told Professor that thankfully I passed too and his response was:

    "It's great for your career that you passed. But simply passing does not meet my criteria of a good job. I expect, as you do, that you do your best. You did not do your best because you procrastinated and didn't study enough to give it your best. So the exam didn't punish you, but I will."

  6. I'm glad to hear that you passed. That does make one part of your life easier.

    As for the Professor's response, all I can say is YIKES! He's definitely not of the school that says "sometimes good is good enough" is he?

  7. Susan....."YIKES!" is right. And N-O...notice the capitalization!....NO ma'am, Professor is certainly not the kind of man to accept "sometimes good is good enough"....not from himself, not from his staff, not from his students and certainly not from his kids.

    I would *almost* be brave enough to use that as a defense but I did something pretty stupid yesterday afternoon that has gotten me into even more hot water with I think I should save the excuses and sass and start trying to suck up before I next see him. :(

    Professor, if you're reading this, you're the most loving, caring, FORGIVING bestest Disciplinarian in the whole wide world and I love ya to bits :) Wanna forgive me now? :)

  8. Professor, if you are reading this, I did not mean to imply that you should accept "good" rather than "excellent." I was observing, not judging, sir.

    Natalie, yeah, sucking up has worked so well in the past, that I'm sure that it will work equally well now. Next will you be asking for a "Get Out of Spanking Free" card?