Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Friday, March 22, 2013

His Burden

I'm often asked by others in TTWD, about the decisions *I* make. I am typically polite enough to reply through private message when I have time, but  also realize that this topic deserves a post of all of its own. 

In the infancy of my disciplinary relationship with my Dom/Top/Daddy/Professor, I had *ONE* huge and crucial decision to make. No force, no threat, no coercion.......I had to actively *choose* to offer my submission to this amazing man. Simple enough, right? 

I chose to submit. He earned my trust. And the rest, as they say is history :)

Truly when I think of our relationship, I realize what a *HUGE* risk HE took by adopting me. I realize that he willingly accepted that burden of responsibility for another human being. Professor is not simply my play mate in the kink. He provides for me and protects me physically, disciplinarily, emotionally, psychologically. I am, after all, *His* little girl. 

I had a hard decision to make on day #1........offer my whole-hearted submission and obedience. Professor, however, took on so much more than I did that day. His job is not an easy one. He is my moral sounding harsh task best disciplinarian. He not only accepts this burden.......he volunteered for it and does a damn good job of it. 

When I misbehave.....which at times, can be quite often.......Professor has the burden of decision as to if I get into trouble, how severe my punishment needs to me, when I'm disciplined, how I am corrected, etc. All of this responsibility falls unto his incredibly broad & capable shoulders. I simply have to trust my Daddy to meet my needs.......and he has, every single time. :) 



  1. Damn Brat needs a good disciplianrian

  2. This "damn brat" has a perfect Disciplinarian :)