Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thank You Daddy


It had just been one of those days for me. Started off horrible.....kept its horrific pace throughout much of the day and even into my evening. I wake to calls telling me my debit card had expired.....lovely. Add that to my to do list. Then emails from my brother about the scumbag who killed our mother utilizing a new defense (as disgusting at the last 4 he has tried). My 4 year old son, sensing my overwhelmed mood decided her would help out.......and what does mommy always want help with? Laundry. So my darling emptied an entire bottle of Gain in the washer.........and then thought a couple squirts of Dmn dish soap would help since it is "anti-bacerterus" ??? 

His wanting to help amused me.......the way he "helped" not so much. Off he went to school as I tried to fix his first ever attempt at laundry. **sighs**

Argued with a colleague. Then HUGE blow out with my older brother, brother in law and significant other. Not necessarily aimed at them, but they were convenient targets. I let the house fuming.

Phone rang out Dad's ringtone.......I answered. 

"Good morning, Natalie." He sounds way to happy to be up at this crazy 9 o'clock hours. "Hi Daddy" I replied. "Natalie what's wrong?" Dad asked, clearly in tune with my mood or tone. "What's right's a shorter list. I'm so fed up!" 

For the next ten minutes of conversation, I can't specifically details what he said to me.......but he was right and I did listen. Days when nothing and no one else makes any sense in the world to me, my Dad can seem to fix it all for me.....and I really love that. He is amazing and I couldn't have been luckier becoming his little girl. 

I was smiling before we hung up. Even with all of the little mayhems here and there popping constant was a far better foe. At the end of the day when I feel helpless or lost or confused or angry or emotional.......I need only call for my Daddy and somehow someway the man meets my needs and takes amazing care of me. 

Thank you Daddy. I love you


  1. It's always nice to have that one special person who can turn even the worst day around. I'm glad you have that person.

  2. I think having your son help with the laundry might come under the heading of "be careful what you wish for." ;)

    I'm happy that you Dad was there for you.