Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Finding Your Strength Through Submission

Summer is upon us and with that season ushered in, so too it is time for D/s, BDSM, DD scene events. I have attended several and met some amazing people through these functions. I've received my invitations for the season but have yet to commit to any. I know I will attend a couple, but the decision of which ones and with whom are no longer a choice I make. 

An acquaintance in the scene has messaged me multiple times, requesting me to play publicly at an upcoming event. **sighs** I've made it pretty clear that I'm not a lap-hoppin' brat........I simply can't just allow any man to spank me.....not judging others, its just simply not my thing. This 'acquaintance' is somewhat intrigued by my tolerance or threshold to pain and wants to "test drive" me. Gag me now. I am the personal property of ONE man in the scene, and he will be the only one touching me.....sorry.

For every submissive/masochist there is a need met by her Dom/Sadist. Yes I have an above average level of physical pain tolerance, but I promise you that did not happen overnight. My 1st discipline session with my father was certainly not the most intense. Actually the first couple punishment sessions were a dance of sorts between the two of us. He would push, I would bend........and somewhere along the way we found the "norm" for us. I have no problem submitting to even the most horrid of punishments now, even when the most agonizing implements are to be used (cords, canes, frat paddles).......why?  T-R-U-S-T

I respect my Dom......I love my Dom......and above it all, I trust him completely. 

He earned my trust......not an easy feat. But once earned, he has strengthened it time and again.....anytime I need him, there he is. He can read my chaotic lil mind, calm my erratic mood and make me smile when I hadn't in years. 

There have been times I've been so concerned about facing him for an offense I knew deserved a seriously intense session........and the session that follows was nothing close to what I had expected. Though I'd never say my father is a push-over.....I will say he is selectively merciful......another piece of the puzzle that is my Daddy. :) 

For me, yes the pain is important. I want him to push my limits. I want him to challenge me. I want him to smile knowing there is nothing in this world I wouldn't do to please him. I want but more so *need* to submit to him.......need to accept my punishments & be present in that order to know that in the end I will have gained his forgiveness and won his approval. 

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