Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Twisted? Hardly.....LOL


So recently a negative article was written regarding domestic discipline or D/s relationships. The literary vomit inspired many daytime talk shows and late night comics to broach the subject of how "twisted" we all are. I typically ignore the media hype and crazy blog lurkers who have clearly never been lectured on the importance of "if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all."  :)  But this time I just have to open my big damn mouth. Enjoy!

I imagine to the straight-laced people who feel they have the right to judge us (because God knows they've never done anything outside the normal scope) we are a perplexing population.......GOOD! I am flattered to know that you spend so much of your time attempting to analyze me when I couldn't give a shit less about you. :)

I've been a spanko since I can remember; I personally think we are born this's in our DNA. Whether your niche is BDSM, or more erotic spanking or strictly didn't learn to be this way, it's an innate quality.  :)  I have been in both DD and D/s relationships and it annoys me that these "journalists" would write something so one-sided and based on blatant ignorance. 

If you are curious or have a question......ask us......most of us have no issue explaining our extra curricular activities. But stop trash-talking like a Yankees fan in Fenway Park. We really aren't all that "twisted" at all. We are normal people, we pay our taxes, work in respectable fields, sit on the same PTA you do. If you don't like my're entitled to your opinion.....personally, I just think you need spanked......and I am entitled to my opinion too.  :)  

Of all the destructive things we could do to ease stress, I would think spanking between consenting adults would be harmless. We could be alcoholics.....or chronic gamblers.....drug addicts. Oh wait.....those are 'normal' afflictions, right? 

And for f#ck's sake, stop calling me a "victim" or "battered woman"........I promise I am a willing participant in my own life and am a victim to no one. There are HUGE differences between domestic violence and domestic discipline......I'd elaborate, but I imagine you closed-minded idiots wouldn't understand my use of big words.  :)  I am not "abused".......and if I am, I like it. Analyze that. 

Also keep in mind while you worry about how "screwed up" we are, that there are hundreds of people in this country who fuck livestock......that oughta keep your analytical minds preoccupied long enough to leave us the hell alone. Hopefully this enlightening post has helped you to realize that some of us just really need to be paddled on a regular basis........or we open our oppressed little mouths and insult your intelligence (or lack there of).  :)  


  1. Love it!!
    I'm so sad to see so many blogs that I was just starting to read gone!?, but glad so many are telling it like it is! Thank you!!

  2. Lol! Love this post. So dead on accurate. Like many of you, I grew up thinking I was some fractured begging never able to reconcile the real me with the spanko me. It sucks and made me overly cautious entering to a D/s relationship. Once I jumped off that ledge, there was never coming back. I fell happily head over feet in love with the relationship I was now actively engaging in our dynamic. I could never explain what he has done for me and I love knowing he has helped other girls in the same way. He is a great man.....hold on to him.