Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Low IQs....Zero Patience


Those of you who read this blog on a regular basis have likely noticed that I've posted less as of late. Not that I don't love my writing, or my Blogger......I do (on both counts)......this month is simply a challenge for me every year and since returning to "normal" a month ago now, nothing has been...well.....normal. As I catch up on stuff in my real life, I promise you wont be neglected long.....and yes, I am alive. 


If you (anonymous) insist on leaving me comments or worse, privately contacting me via gmail........please, for f#ck's sake, STOP sending the following:

#1: Will you marry me? I've asked like 4 times.
Nope....never. And yes, I would have thought after being ignored 3 times, you'd have taken the subtle hint. 

#2: You work in medicine's come owls can turn their heads all the way around & I can't?
Yes I do......HUMAN medicine. However, I'm tempted to assist you in making your head spin around. And please, don't procreate......and stay off the drugs. 

#3: Where do you people come from? How do I find you?
I had no idea someone able to type and correspond via email would need basic human reproduction explained to them.....sad lil world we now inhabit, huh? Please ask your mother or Google where 'we' come from. As for how to find us.....if you meant people.....get off your computer, genius. If you meant spankos.....well that's even easier, since my Daddy walks me around on a leash and carries a paddle in his other hand. :) 

Sad but true people, IQ's are dropping.......obviously, dramatically. While I typically have a high tolerance for idiots, it's wearing thin at the moment......take note before clicking "send."


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  1. LOL priceless. "where do you find 'them'?"...oh I see they find you..lucky girl!

    L x