Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Be Careful What You Wish For


Just a week ago I was complaining about not being able to see my Daddy for such a long stretch of time. I needed to see him, to be held by him, tightly enveloped in his strong arms, lay over his knee for a good spanking.........just *be* with him. 

I got my wish.  :)

Friday I finally got to spend the day with my Daddy. We had a lot of catching up to do after so long apart. And I had new entries on my punishment list that needed addressed. 

Now I typically have an extremely high tolerance to physical pain but Friday was different. Maybe it had been too long since my last spanking? Maybe the emotional turbulence during our separation made it more intense? I have no idea, I can't explain it.......I just know that I reacted completely differently to the punishment. 

I didn't experience my typical early session sub-drop, which makes it incredibly easy for me to endure any amount of physical pain knowing I am pleasing my Dom.......didn't happen. Often when wooden implements are used during punishment, my bottom will actually become numb........this also did NOT happen. And my dip into subspace.......that usually happens midway through a session.......did not occur until close to the end of my punishment. 

Strange, right?

I had one particular offense on my list that was serious and I had committed it multiple times in the last couple I had earned myself a pretty hard spanking. I struggled to remain in position and keep my hands from trying to protect my bottom throughout the entire session. 

Daddy decided to paddle me for the most serious offense.......and later added the cord and our heavy leather strap as well.......then back to the paddle. It certainly wasn't the longest or the hardest paddling and whipping I've ever received, but it *FELT* so much worse. It hurt.....a lot. 

My Daddy continuously utilized his amazing mind fuck.......stopping the paddling for several minutes, allowing me to compose myself and think it was over.......only to begin again. Sadist! 

I marked nicely as well........I think the time between this punishment and my last made my skin more likely to mark. I had several welts from his belt and the cord; and some moderate bruising from that damn paddle. Even a couple days later, his marks are still visible......and I sort of love that. 

The soreness, tenderness and warmth has also lingered. I was incredibly sore that night and even the next morning........doing everything I could to avoid sitting down.........and wincing slightly when I did. Now, two full days out, I'm still tender and my bottom is still slightly marked & radiating heat..........but it has morphed from uncomfortable to absolutely wonderful.  :)  

I still have lessons to take in, details to focus on, the entire session to analyze (and of course eventually write out for all of you).........but right now, in this little moment in time........I am an incredibly happy, albeit sore, Daddy's girl!   :)

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