Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Sunday, December 22, 2013

My Daddy's Arms


Some days I would give absolutely *anything* to be in my father's arms. 

Being a Daddy's girl, I naturally love being there any way.......but there are days when I truly NEED to be. 

The chaos of my life has come to a boiling point, the holidays don't help, nor does a new semester on the horizon. I'm stressed. Teetering between a feelings of defeat and being constantly overwhelmed. At moments I'm in the midst of the circus and then others I feel as if I am just outside myself watching it all transpire and helpless to stop it. I feel run down and emotionally exhausted......but more than that, I feel weak. 

Weakness......that's not an emotion I am accustomed to and I'll fight myself desperately to refuse to admit that the feeling is even possible within me. I *hate* it. I can process most any emotion, albeit perhaps not appropriately, but I can do it. But weak? I simply feel stuck......part of me holding out & insisting it is not there, the other half of myself feeling so smothered by the feeling that I can hardly catch my breath. 


It's days like this that I more than *want*.....I truly *need* to be in my Daddy's arms. He is my sanity, my security. When nothing else can help ease the turmoil, I know that he can. Regardless of the problem or how overwhelmed & beaten down I may feel at the moment, I know that I can run to my Daddy and he will scoop me up into his strong arms and allow me to hide away from the world for a while. When I have no more strength myself, I can rely on his and quiet my cluttered little mind knowing that he will take care of me.

I told my Daddy the other day that at times I wish I could simply snap my fingers and end up in his arms. He was driving at the moment, and told me to warn him if I planned to snap them because my ending up in his lap as he drove might cause a problem or two. :)  It made me smile. We then hypothesized that though his girl-crazy teenage sons might be amused at randomly appearing redheads, if my snapping teleportal was possible, he would have some serious explaining to do with his colleagues, wife, students, etc. I imagine I might fall into his lap at some inopportune times if this snapping thing was possible. :)  Ahh if only.....

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