Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


  • DATE OF 1ST MEETING: Friday March 2,2012
  • 1ST MEETING LOCATION: Framingham, MA
  • SHE WORE: **He refused to let me change into the outfit I brought & insisted I be punished in the attire I showed up from traffic court in**   American Eagle blue jeans, pink tshirt that read "50% Irish, 100% Naughty", blue boy-cut silk panties.
  • HE WORE: Khaki slacks (with perfect pleats), bright white Oxford button-down long-sleeve (which he rolled to his elbows), brown loafers.
  • 1ST OFFENSE SPANKED FOR: Multiple driving offenses: speeding, texting while driving, sass in traffic court, drinking and driving.
  • 1ST RULE GIVEN: Be open and honest at all times, about all things.
  • 1ST IMPLEMENT SPANKED WITH: I was first spanked with his large, powerful hands. After that, a hairbrush.
  • 1ST IMPRESSION OF HIM: He was quite honestly, perfect. Strict, demanding, authoritative. Reasonable, caring and genuine. Incredibly attractive, tall, strong, athletic. Perfect.
  • 1ST TIME HE MADE YOU CRY: I cried like a baby after our very first session.....a mixture of relief of guilt & stress, happiness that I'd found this amazing Dom, and endorphin release from the pain of the actual spanking. 
  • 1ST TIME HE SAW YOU CRY: Our 2nd session. I made several careless mistakes during the punishment that escalated the severity and made me feel pretty bad. 
  • 1ST "GOOD GIRL" SPANKING: Saturday April 14,2012 a caning in his office on campus :) 
  • 1ST NON-SPANKING DATE: October 2012 we met for lunch and to catch-up after a particularly long several weeks apart.
  • 1ST GIFT YOU GAVE HIM: A New England Patriots Wes Welker jersey for his birthday. (I'd given him several implements to add to our collection prior to this, but this was the first non-spanking gift).
  • 1ST GIFT HE GAVE YOU: A beautiful wooden frame with the Serenity Prayer in it and a matching solid wood hairbrush.
  • 1ST TIME YOU BOTH USED THE "L" WORD: January 2013. We are both *very* careful with the use of this word. I'd felt it long before I said it, but it finally made its way into our daily dialogue in Jan. 2013.
  • 1ST TIME HE USED YOUR FAVORITE IMPLEMENT: My favorite is his favorite implement is his belt.......he used both during my first punishment spanking, 03/02/12.
  • 1ST TIME HE USED YOUR LEAST FAVORITE IMPLEMENT: November 2012.....that damn electrical extension cord. OWWW!
  • 1ST TIME YOU KNELT BEFORE HIM: Out of respect: our first session. Out of true submission: May 11,2012 at our 6th session.
  • 1ST TIME HE HELD YOU AFTER PUNISHMENT: He has always hugged me after a punishment. But truly held me, November 2012.
  • 1ST TIME HE COLLARED YOU: August 2, 2013. That was the first time I'd ever accepted a collar AND the first time he had ever placed one on a sub. Very special day. :)
  • 1ST TIME YOU REALIZED HE WAS YOUR MATCH: I was relatively certain after our very first session (actually prior to that simply by our correspondence). But he solidified it in my mind & my heart on our 3rd session, March 30, 2012. I had lost my wedding ring during our session and he pulled off the interstate and was going to come back to be with me because he knew how upset I was. I knew for certain on that day that I had found a phenomenal partner. 
  • 1ST TIME YOU DISAPPOINTED HIM: June 2012 when I got into a physical confrontation at work. He uses this word sparingly because of the impact it has; and I can clearly recall each and every time I have made him use it with me and I hate it.
  • 1ST TIME YOU MADE HIM ANGRY: October 2012 when I went behind his back and did something he had forbidden, placing myself in danger and hiding it from him. My Daddy is a very mild-tempered man and rarely gets truly angry.....endangering his little girl is a fast track to a *very* angry Daddy.  :(
  • 1ST TIME YOU WERE SORRY BEFORE HE PUNISHED YOU: Just 2 days after our first session, I got a speeding ticket........while still sitting on a sore bottom from a driving-related spanking. I felt horrible......I was crying when I called him to confess. 
  • 1ST TIME HE MADE YOUR HEAD SPIN/SWOON: Truly......the first time his deep, resounding voice called me "young lady" via phone. Yum!
  • 1ST TIME HE LET YOU OFF WITHOUT A SPANKING: I'll update when this actually happens. LOL! I have been his little girl for nearly 2 years now and NEVER has he let me off without a spanking when one was deserved. 
  • SUBJECT OF 1ST SCOLDING: LOL! He called me to discuss my speeding tickets and I had tech issues with my cell phone and began swearing at it profusely, not knowing he could hear my first scolding was changed from speeding to swearing. :)
  • 1ST TIME HE GAVE YOU BUTTERFLIES: I have butterflies in my stomach every single time I have to stand before him and answer for my behavior. The very first time......our first session when he pinned me to the corner with his towering frame and whispered in my ear, "I am going to make you a *very* sorry little girl, Natalie Lynn."  
  • 1ST TIME YOU FELT SAFE WITH HIM: Literally the very first time I was with him in person, our 1st session on 03/02/2012. He is an amazing man and takes great care of me. I've known in my heart from day #1 that he would never hurt me and he would never allow anyone or anything else to hurt me when I am in his presence. Very protective Daddy. And vice versa. :) 
  • 1ST TIME YOU REALIZED HE LOVED YOU: April 2012 when he took time from a busy day of meetings, classes & grant proposal writing to call and be with me via phone when I had to put my oldest wiener dog down. He truly didn't have the time to even eat lunch that day, but he made sure to make me priority #1 because he knew how distraught I was over losing one of my beloved dogs. I knew then that my Daddy really did love me.....I was more than a play partner.....I truly was his little girl and he absolutely *did* love me. 

**There are my answers to this list of 'firsts' that is making its' way through our spanko Blogger world. Enjoy**

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