Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Half Dozen Offenses (Part #1)


Daddy's knock on the door startled me as it seemed to echo off the walls of the room. I quickly shuffled to the door and opened it just a crack, as I often do, and peered up and into the captivating eyes of my Daddy Dom. I smiled as I took a step back, opening the door fully to welcome him inside. He returned my warm smile, absolutely melting me. He has an amazing smile. His dark, expressive, chocolate-brown eyes seem to almost twinkle; his lips curve up into a smile, accentuating his dominant jaw line. My Daddy is incredibly attractive; I am a lucky little girl.

He closed the door behind him and reached out for me, his eyes not leaving mine from the moment they'd connected when I first cracked the door open. His large, powerful hands took me by my upper arms and pulled me to him, enveloping me in his strong arms. I wrapped my own arms securely around his waist and hugged him tightly. I could quite happily stay in his arms the entire day; he gives about the best hugs ever.

Dad took me by the shoulders and held me at arms length and stared down into my bright green eyes for several long moments before finally speaking to me. My stomach was in knots.

"Natalie Lynn, when was the last time I punished you? How long ago?" He asked firmly.

"August 2nd, Daddy. 28 days ago." I answered up to him as I searched his eyes.

"In just 28 days.......only 4 weeks.......28 days MY DAUGHTER has added 6 NEW OFFENSES to her punishment list??" He barked.

I shifted slightly from foot to foot, my fingers nervously fidgeting with the hem of my shirt and my eyes danced around the room........from the floor, to the wall, to the dresser top, the bed, our shoes.......absolutely *anywhere* aside from my father's penetrating glare.

"LYNN!" He practically shouted, making me visibly jump. I knew immediately what he wanted......the exact thing I was trying to eye contact. My father's eyes are absolutely gorgeous, but when he is displeased with me.....when we are in scene.....when he is punishing me......they darken and become incredibly cold compared to their typical inviting warmth. Daddy always insists on eye contact when he is scolding me. Often times, he will remain completely quiet and allow his eyes to chastise me for my behavior for several minutes before adding the verbal accompaniment. Even "the look" from my Dom can bring me to tears.......long before he ever touches me.

I slowly raised my eyes up the length of his body, admiring my Daddy's towering frame, his broad shoulders, his muscular chest and arms, his thighs that I knew I'd soon be draped over, the "whipping belt" around his waist, his dominant jaw........all the way up to finally find their mark and once again engage his eyes directly.

"I asked you a question, little I need to repeat myself to you already?" He asked in a very low tone of voice, making my stomach drop. I shook my head no as I struggled to find my voice.

"No Sir, don't repeat yourself, I'm sorry. To answer your question, yes Sir, I have 6 new offenses in only 28 days." I meekly responded, my eyes studying his intently, seeking some hint of wasn't there.

Daddy glared at me another minute or so before abruptly reaching forward and yanking me into him by the waist of my jeans. He hastily unbuttoned my jeans as I stood frozen in a mixture of disbelief and embarrassment. Typically my father will instruct me to lower my pants (or raise my skirt, depending on my attire); he has rarely done it himself. Lowering my jeans is always embarrassing, but having your Dom do it *for you*'s an entirely new level of shame. I felt so incredibly small and very, very naughty.

As soon as he had unbuttoned and unzipped them, his strong hands took hold of the waist and in one quick, fluid motion he yanked them down over my hips and the curve of my bottom, leaving them sitting at my knees. My breath hitched in the back of my throat as I stood there on my shaking knees in the center of the room, jeans at my knees, blushing furiously, fidgeting with my fingers.......soon to be spanked.......HARD!

Dad gave me one more piercing stare before leaving me standing alone in the center of the room as he walked over to the desk and snatched up my punishment list, quickly scanning the new offenses before discarding the sheet of paper back onto the desktop. I hung my head but my eyes intently followed his legs as he walked throughout the room, preparing to punish his naughty little girl.

He walked toward the dresser and unzipped his implement bag, retrieving an unknown implement. Then just as quickly, he approached me at a full stride and roughly encircled my upper arm in his large right hand, then immediately began dragging me along behind him as he crossed the room to the couch. Dad released my upper arm as he sat down on the couch. I stood nervously in front of him, my eyes locked on the floor. He quickly took hold of my wrist and pulled me down over his capable lap. I shifted and squirmed to get comfortable.......I knew I'd be here for a while. Daddy spaced his legs far enough apart that my own feet dangled off of the floor, rendering me helplessly upended over his knee. I placed my left hand around my father's ankle and held tightly to him, preparing for my spanking to begin........I adore the intimacy and closeness of the traditional OTK position........and holding onto my Daddy's ankle or calve while I am being punished is incredibly comforting to me.

I felt Daddy's fingertips on his left hand slide between the silk of my panties and my bare skin, then just as with my jeans before them, in one fluid motion he yanked them down to my knees, where they joined my jeans in a bunched up ball. I concentrated on trying to slow my breathing; my spanking hadn't even begun and already I was breathing as rapidly as I knew he would soon be swatting.

"So, darling daughter of mine, you had a re-certification exam to take at work this month, correct?" He asked as his strong hand slowly caressed my bared bottom.

"Yes Sir." I whimpered back to him over my shoulder. Every nerve ending in my body seemed to be overly sensitive. His gentle touch made me smile as I raised my hips to meet his caresses.

"Tell me, Natalie Lynn, when did you find out the date of this test and what material you'd be tested on?" Dad inquired.

"In May, Daddy." I answered, immediately biting my lip afterward knowing what my father's expectations of me academically and professionally include. I'd fallen really short of it this time and I knew I'd be punished good for this one. The thought left me nervously chewing the corner of my bottom lip as Dad continued to interrogate me.

"I see. And when did MY daughter begin studying or reviewing material?" He asked as he lightly skimmed my sensitive bottom with just his fingertips......sending chills up and down my spine.

"A day before the exam, Sir." I practically whispered and held my breath, anticipating a harsh swat.

"What is the standard I have set for all of your academics and professional exams, young lady?" Dad quizzed.

"That I do my best, Sir." I quickly replied.

"Correct. I don't expect perfection. In fact that is your own expectation and I have told you that is not reasonable. I set high standards for you because I know you can reach them. You're MY daughter. You're intelligent and you are and will continue to be successful in your chosen career if you continue to apply that intelligence, intuition AND discipline. Am I right?"  He asked.

"Yes Sir." I responded immediately and respectfully; hoping my Daddy could hear the genuine contrition in my voice.

"I expect YOUR BEST! You had plenty of time to study and prepare in advance to achieve YOUR BEST. But my cocky, over-confident and undisciplined little girl decided she knew everything and didn't need to review material until the day of her exam.........and what happened because of that, Natalie Lynn?" Dad demanded harshly, stopping his soothing caresses and simply resting his large, powerful hand on my unprotected, quivering bottom.

"I only got a 97%, Sir. I didn't refresh or review pharmacokinetics and because of that I couldn't recall the molecular weight of a commonly used medication for our department, Sir." I answered honestly, feeling a bit foolish for being so arrogant......and still angry at myself for blowing a perfect score by being overly confident.

"Exactly. That's unacceptable, young lady, and you know it. Had it been your best, I would have been thrilled with a 97%, but it wasn't your best and I knew that. You, in fact, confessed and asked to be punished for not getting a perfect grade. HOWEVER.....I denied your initial request.......I won't punish you for imperfection, because perfect is not where I set the bar for you......I expect YOUR BEST. I don't imagine many girls get their bottoms soundly spanked by their daddies for a 97%.......BUT YOU are *not* 'many girls'.......YOU ARE MY GIRL, MY DAUGHTER......and you will *always* get a good spanking when you refuse to do YOUR BEST! Got it, little girl?"  Daddy lectured, raising his voice at several points to emphasize his intended message.

"Yes Sir." I whimpered back at him as I turned to look up at him from over my shoulder. Our eyes again engaged one another's and he held my gaze for a couple moments, his frustration evident on his remorse evident on mine.


A half dozen quick, harsh swats connected with my bare bottom and sit spots. I inhaled sharply and held tightly to his ankle. But literally as quickly as the hand spanking had begun, it ended. I felt Daddy lightly tapping a solid implement against my tender upper thighs. I again turned to look back over my shoulder as Daddy raised the implement up to meet my inquisitive little view. It was the Vermont Country Store Bath Brush!!! A wicked, evil thing. Solid maple wood, polished smooth on "the business side", with a ergonomic curved handle, and stiff bristles on the flip side. I *HATE* this implement. It is by far the worst of our brushes; this viscous brush packs FAR more of a punch than either of my wooden hairbrushes or even our oak bath brush.

I pouted up at my Daddy, searching his eyes for leniency, pleadingly begging with my own eyes for a longer hand spanking to warm my skin before this horrid brush was introduced. I was met with a determined, paternal glare that quite literally filled my emerald eyes with un-shed tears.

"You deserve this, Natalie Lynn. My expectations for MY DAUGHTER are clear. You failed to meet them, young lady. And now you're going to pay the price for that. Ask me to punish you." He insisted.

I sniffled and squirmed over my father's knee, still clinging tightly to his ankle. My bottom tingled in anticipation. I knew this spanking was going to hurt......A LOT. But, I also knew I had asked for it and I certainly did deserve it. I took a deep breath and obeyed my Daddy's order.

"Daddy please punish me, I didn't do my best and I let us both down. I deserve a good, hard spanking......please punish me, Sir?" I confidently asked.

My father smiled briefly at me, making me smile myself despite my pending fate. He took the bath brush in his left hand and tapped it against my thighs a couple times before raising it high up into the air at his shoulder level. I quickly turned away and tried to make myself as comfortable as possible as I dangle helplessly above the ground from my father's capable lap, my long red hair blanketing the floor beneath me, my heart racing, my hand securely wrapped around Dad's ankle............waiting...........



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