Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Friday, April 11, 2014



Do you ever feel like your Dom knows you better than you know yourself?

Do you ever get caught doing something naughty that there is no way possible he should have known about?

Do you ever feel like your Dom is psychic? Resides inside of your naughty lil mind?

Yep. I am with you, ladies. I, too, have one of these psychic Doms. :)  "Psychic Doms".......another of life's cruel jokes. Lol. Though at first it was a bit unnerving, now I actually sort of love the way we are connected at this level. 

From opposite sides of a crowded auditorium, his eyes have held my own emerald orbs captive. The two of us surrounded by more than a hundred other people, but somehow in that moment, the only two people in the room. Despite the constant chatter from all directions, we had our own conversation, by simply maintaining eye contact and studying one another's expressions. Not one audible word spoken, and not one needed, our communication lies so much deeper than simply speech. 

Often times we will complete one another's sentences, or type the same thing concurrently, or share such similar thoughts and viewpoints.......I call this our "wavelength"......and it makes me smile every time it happens. 

There have been times when I've been literally seconds from making a poor choice or doing something naughty, and my phone will is my Daddy......calling to "check up on his little girl." The man is in my head, he is in my heart. It is as if we are always, constantly communicating with one another on our own telepathic wavelength. 

Likewise, there have been days where I am just so overwhelmed or stressed that I feel like I am about to explode, and then my phone will sound his ringtone. When I've struggled with healing through medical mayhem and have been truly miserable at all hours of the night, I often look over and see instant messages from my Daddy......because he just "felt that I might need him." It's amazing. 

When we greet one another or are parting ways, he will pull me into a tight embrace. I am precisely the right height against his towering frame that I rise to his chest level. As he wraps me in his strong arms, my own tuck so perfectly underneath of his to wrap around his chest. I can not tell you a place in this world that I feel more safe, more loved, more protected than in my father's arms. And the way I fit so perfectly in his arms as he hugs me, makes me smile from ear to ear. He doesn't have to murmur one single, solitary word to me during these moments and yet, he is still saying so much to me about the strength of our relationship, his love for me, his happiness with us.......and all by simply holding me tight to him in a warm embrace. 

Often during punishment sessions, between spankings, he will sit next to me or hold me over his knee and gently trace his fingertips across my burning bottom. I absolutely love when he does this; the contrast between harsh, unrelenting swats and firm but gentle touch will dip me into subspace almost instantaneously. But even his hands communicate with me on our "wavelength". I can almost always tell, by the pace and manner in which he is massaging or kneading my punished skin, whether he has concluded my punishment or is simply taking a break to admire his work. This is also the case with most any other touch during a punishment; whether he is tucking his hand beneath my chin to raise my face to meet his glare, or running his fingers through my hair, caressing my arm as I lie sobbing over stacked pillows, twisting his strong hand into a fistful of my long red hair and abruptly jerking my head back to face him, grasping my wrist with his hand and encircling it, rubbing my back..........every physical touch from him conveys an inaudible message to me. 

Whether it is his eyes capturing mine, his touch, his seemingly psychic naughty-radar intuition, his embraces, or his reading my mind, completing my sentences and always somehow knowing what I am thinking, feeling, contemplating or Daddy Dom is constantly in tune with me in a way I hadn't ever experienced before in my life. And though at times it can get me into trouble, it is most often an amazing and incredibly reassuring feeling. 

A constant connection. 

A telepathic wavelength......all our own. 


  1. Connections like that are indeed amazing and also rare and hard to come by. Nurture the beautiful relationship you have built, you and your daddy both sound incredibly lucky to have found such a solid match in one another.

  2. Ms Tara...............Thank you, I agree.