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Naughty Irish Imp

Saturday, April 26, 2014

What Happens in Vegas (part 1)

***Older Spanking/Erotica stories I have written***

What Happens in Vegas  (part 1)

When Shane got sent on a last minute business trip to Las Vegas for three days, he decided to invite his naughty submissive along for the trip. She was his preferred travel companion, he enjoyed her company, and she could easily fill his evenings with entertainment. 

Leah was thrilled at the invitation and quickly threw together a bag. She loved spending her time with her Dom, but his business trips were particularly alluring. They would play but she was safe from any serious punishment when they were in a nice city hotel simply because of noise constraints; knowing this always made her feel giddy. And she could sleep late while he worked and then spend her afternoons exploring a new city, and her evenings enthralled in scene play with Shane. The girl would have to be on her deathbed to turn down a business trip with him. 

Any time they scheduled play or a scene, it was her responsibility to prepare and lay out their implements and equipment. But when they traveled together, he selected and packed the toys for the trip, so she never knew what may or may not have made its way into their luggage and just that knowledge would make her squirm deliciously with an anxious trepidation. 


The first two days of the Vegas trip were relatively routine, if not mundane. He spent his days at conferences as she slept in. His afternoons were consumed with business email and calls as she went sight seeing or shopping. Their evenings were spent with one another. Her attentively helping him wind down from his day. Eagerly pleasing him and drifting off to sleep with his marks on her flesh in the security of his strong, enveloping arms. 

The morning of their third day together in the city, she woke early, while he was still in the shower, and ordered them breakfast from the room service menu. She arranged the table and knelt beside it, waiting for him to exit the bathroom. As the door swung open, he quickly strode toward her and softly tussled her long blonde hair as he said in a hurried tone, 

"Not today, pet. I'm late. I'll see you tonight, we will do dinner then. Behave."

And just like that he was gone. She remained in her kneel for a few moments, she felt slighted. Couldn't he have thanked her for the effort? Taken a bagel with him so she hadn't done this for nothing? As she rose to her feet, the thought of him slighting her morphed into him blatantly ignoring her and her fury grew. 

She grabbed one of his pressed white Oxford button down shirts and wrapped it around her naked body before sitting at the bar and picking at the fruit as she stewed. She wanted to lash out, but it simply wasn't her style. She wanted to send him a text message telling him how he had made her feel or blowing up at him, but either method would have gotten her into trouble because her blowing up at him was not allowed, and he had not asked her how she felt, so either text would have been seen as inappropriate. 

She ate a handful of raspberries and decided to take a shower to clear her mind. The bathroom still smelled like him. His body wash, his aftershave, his cologne. All familiar and comforting scents to her. She slid his shirt off of her shoulders and paused to gaze at herself in the mirror. Then just as quickly jumped into the waiting hot shower before her own insecurities made her read more into this morning's happenings than was there. 


As Leah finished drying her golden locks or hair, her irritation began to slow from it's previous boil into a small simmer; but that simmer began to spin a deliciously naughty thought in her submissive head. 

She would go out to dinner with him tonight and she would push the envelope as far as her behavior whilst they were out. Nothing overly bold or bratty, but she knew her Dom well and what buttons to push to get under his skin. Normally she would simply shake this crazy thought from her head, because of the looming consequences of such behavior. But today was different. She continued to convince herself that she was safe from any serious repercussions because serious punishment sessions between them were lengthy, hellish events with plenty of noise.....noise that she knew he wouldn't risk in a city hotel. The game she was playing was a dangerous one, trying to guess just how much pushing would be okay, how much disrespect would he tolerate, how much bratty childish behavior would he overlook. She knew eventually she would pay for any such nonsense, but she had also assured herself that would not be tonight, and so as she dressed for him and their dinner, she did so spinning wildly bratty plans inside of her blonde head. 

As she zipped up the back of her satin blue dress her phone sounded his ringtone. She picked it up and scrolled through the text message he sent to her. 

'Leah, I'm running late at my last meeting. I've sent a car to pick you up at 7 and I will be waiting for you at the restaurant. Wear your navy blue satin dress, no panties. Behave, my pet.'

Rather than responding with her atypical, 'yes Sir', she opted for a less formal, 'see you then.' As she discarded the phone back into her handbag, she realized she had pre-selected precisely the dress he wanted to see her in. The thought made her smile briefly, before she decided this would in deed be her strike #1 of the night. She hastily unzipped and stepped out of the dress, leaving it bunched up in a heap on the floor, and grabbed her favorite red dress from the closet in their suite. 

It was a dress she had purchased specifically for him and their play. She had worn the tiny garment multiple times when they had been together, but not once out in public. It was incredibly tight to her figure and barely mid-thigh length. And just to ice the cake of her naughtiness, she quickly spun her long, blonde hair up and into a messy bun look rather than leaving it down to cascade her dainty shoulders, as he preferred. 


He sat at the bar alone, a drink for each of them in front of him as he watched the door and waited to see his girl enter the room. When the door opened and his eyes finally found her, he narrowed his eyes momentarily before standing and walking toward her with a gentle smile and offering her a glass of wine. She suddenly questioned the apparel decision she had made and snugly wrapped her arm around his waist and held tightly to him, unsure if she liked the attention she was receiving from the other guests of this restaurant. He wrapped his left arm tightly around her as he sighed and glared down at her. 

"Color blind today, pet?"

She nervously chewed the corner of her lip and softly replied, "No, Sir. I just like red."

He sighed again and firmly grasped her wrist as he led her to their waiting table. She had a hard time maintaining eye contact with him. His eyes were set in a firm stare and it knotted her stomach. When their waiter had finally taken their orders and removed the menus and wine list, she had nothing else to hide behind and had to finally meet his gaze. 

"I, also, like red, Leah." He said softly, his eyes refusing to release hers. 


As she picked at her salad and began her second glass of wine, she began to feel bolder and was certainly less insecure about the attention her attire was garnering her. Shane tapped her hand underneath the table with his finger and gestured at her glass, her cue to slow down on the alcohol until she had eaten something of substance. 

A rush of childish indignance came over her and she sighed audibly at him, causing him to raise a brow, before reaching for her glass of water and unabashedly beginning to blow bubbles into the glass like a 4 year old child. Shane was stunned. He quickly took the glass from her and shot her a piercing glare, causing her to quickly retract her eyes. 

As she sat there semi-sulking, he leaned in to whisper in her ear, his breath hot on the nape of her naked neck, his voice markedly firm.

"I have no idea what has gotten into you, Leah Nicole. Figure it out and fix it. One more ridiculous act from you and I will drag your ass from this restaurant and beat it. Do you understand me, little girl?"

She slunk lower in her seat and simply nodded her head. Another 'no no', but he let it slide. As she sat contemplating how much further she should push this naughty streak, he sat staring at her trying to decipher this stunning behavior from his normally very obedient submissive. She never acted out for attention; she never had to. She certainly couldn't be doing this to get spanked; he had spanked her every single day of this trip thus far. But what, he wondered, could have come over his girl in his absence today?


Shane continued to watch Leah closely throughout their main course. She had taken a couple bites of her pasta, but left the chicken untouched and for all intents and purposes, she was not eating much at all. Before he could say anything to her, their waiter returned to check on the entrees. 

"Miss, is something wrong with your entree?" He asked promptly.

This, Lean decided, would be her grand finale. She surely couldn't refuse this opportunity now that it had presented itself. She sat up perfectly straight and turned to the waiter, Shane out of her line of vision, and replied,

"The chicken blows and the pasta isn't cooked. It is sucky at best, Sir."

She smiled and gave herself an internal pat on the back, before feeling Shane's jacket fall onto her naked shoulders and his hands quickly following to pull her to her feet as he spoke to their waiter. 

"I am so sorry, Sir. The food was wonderful. Please excuse her, I have no idea what has gotten into her, but I assure you that we will figure it out."

He quickly handed the man his Visa and shot looks at Leah as she pretended to occupy herself fidgeting in her purse, to avoid eye contact with him. Shane quickly scribbled his signature on the credit slip the offended waiter presented to him, including a 100% gratuity, before grabbing Leah's upper arm and spinning her to face the man. 

"Leah, I'm waiting, and I am not a patient man." He barked at her. 

"I'm sorry." She retorted with a daring tone to her voice that would seal her fate. 

Shane escorted her out of the restaurant and rather than waiting for a car to return them to their hotel, he chose to walk the 4 blocks back, dragging her along behind him. She was always torn between loving and hating these upper-arm-drags off to her pending fate. They made her nervous but they also excited her. 

After just the first 2 blocks she began to complain audibly to Shane about walking so quickly and her ruining her heels. He was floored that she would have the audacity to mention her damn heels when she had just acted so offensively out in public with him and not once, without prodding, apologized or offered any explanation for her out of character behavior. He abruptly stopped, turned to look down at her and took hold of her hips, quickly hoisting her up and over his shoulder like a piece of luggage, firmly planting a couple of harsh swats to her thighs as he continued back to their hotel, not breaking his stride. 


Shane walked through the expansive lobby and up the elevator towards their suite the entire time with Leah still dangling from his shoulder, not saying a word. Once he had opened the door to their suite and stepped in, closing the door and locking it behind them, he deposited her onto the floor in the entryway and watched her closely, intently. 

Leah stood quietly watching her feet and his, directly in front of hers. She was torn between nervousness and giggles as she recalled her behavior. Working frantically in her head to add up her offenses and decide if she had pushed too far or not; she didn't want to greatly disappoint him, just irk him as he had her that morning. 

When she finally got the nerve to raise her face and look up at him, the look on his face took her breath away. They stood studying one another's eyes for several long, quiet moments before a noise finally echoed off the walls of the small entryway to their suite. 


Shane said nothing to her, not a word. He slapped her across her still semi-smurking face and walked off past her to the sitting area where he sat in an oversized leather chair in front of the fireplace. 

Leah stood speechless for several moments, her eyes downcast, her hand slowly trying to work the sting from her offended cheek. A slap across the face has a way of making a naughty girl rethink her behavior, and as she did, she begin to feel genuinely regretful for how she had acted. She had thrown a tantrum and that's how a child reacts, not a young woman. Certainly not a young woman who knew better and was an owned submissive. The sting from his slap and the building remorse inside of her began to make her eyes swell with unshed tears as she went further into the suite, in search of her Dom. 


Leah found Shane sitting in the chair in front of the fire and slowly walked over to him and knelt beside him, softly placing her head in his lap. He quickly pushed her head away and harshly barked, 


She hung her head and just knelt quietly beside him, unsure of what to say, or if she should say anything at all. 

**************************TO BE CONTINUED************************


  1. Wow. You're an incredibly talented writer, Ms. Imp. I absolutely loved this piece and am anxious to read part #2. I love the emotion you describe so vividly. The build up always present in your writing. The small details that always find their way into your work and make it so amazing. Simply put, beautiful writing, bravo!

    Master Rick

  2. Master Rick..........Thank you for the kind comments.