Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Let Me Count the Reasons



What is it about this man that ensures his complete domination over me and my absolute submission to him?

What is it about him that drives me so wild?

So many, many possibilities.......

Maybe it is his penetrating chocolate brown eyes? They are mesmerizing to me. I could look up into them all day long. They can be intriguing and terrifying at the very same time. Mmmm.......possibility #1

Or perhaps it is his dominant jaw? This was one of the first physical attributes to pop out at me when we met in person. My Dom has a very masculine jaw line that I absolutely adore. Even when I make him clench it, I'm pretty certain I still love it. :)  Yep......definitely a strong possibility in #2.

What about the way he scolds me? The man has mastered the art form of the lecture. Nothing can instantaneously scare off my outspoken, independent, confident 'big girl' and render me a pouting, nervous 'little girl' as quickly as his scolding. Mmmm....option #3 is also a strong contender.

Oooh but then there are his hands. Mmm. The large, powerful, unforgiving "spanker's paws" that rapidly pepper my bare upturned bottom and thighs relentlessly. And the strong yet tender hands that gently massage and knead my punished skin, or softly tussles my flowing red hair as I kneel before him. Option #4......ahh bliss.

His belt! Though for some sub girls, not a likely possible favorite.....I am a pain slut and I definitely love my Daddy's whipping belt. Occasionally I love to hate it. But I love it none the less. The sounds it makes, the way it looks dangling from his hand, the smell......#5 is definitely a viable option.

Perhaps it is his creative sadist with which I am in love? The man certainly dominates the mind fuck. Whether he is coming up with a dreadful long distance punishment for his naughty girl or crafting new viscous implements of bottom destruction.....he is a very talented man. #6 is a formidable foe in this race.

What about the way he takes me in hand and punishes me when I am naughty? Mmmm.....nothing makes me more anxious and giddy than a pending punishment session. The man is overwhelmingly dominant and he knows what makes me tick (and squeal). Ouch and Yum.....#7 might be pulling ahead in this little competition.

Oooh then again maybe it is his arms and the way he holds me? Whether it is a simple greeting hug or his cradling my shaking body in his lap as I cry after I've been soundly spanked.......there is not a place in this world where I feel more loved, safe, little and cherished than in my Daddy's strong arms. Ahh.....#8 might have just moved into first place.

Actually, each of the 8 possibilities are absolutely reasons that I fell for this man and continue to adore him more each day. They are all part of the man that I love, respect and offer my absolute submission to. I don't think I could go without any of the above for very long or I would be a very unhappy little girl. I have always been very hesitant to admit to myself, or anyone else, that I *need* another person.....but I can confidently say that I do definitely *need* my Dom and the relationship we have built with one another over the last 3 years.

I am an incredibly lucky girl to have found my Daddy Dom. He is so much more than my kink partner. He is my best friend, my moral compass, my sounding board, my confidante, my anchor in life. There is nothing in this world I would not do to please this man. And though every entry on the above list contributes to the depth of my emotion and addiction to this amazing man........what I love the most about him has not yet been listed.  :) 

It is....................

His amazing mind.

My Daddy Dom is easily one of the most intelligent human beings I have ever met. He is both highly educated and seasoned by life experience. I have yet to have an issue that he has been unable to help me with. If I have a question, whether it is technical or practical.....he has an answer, or will find one for me because I am his girl and I am a priority for him. :)

I spent time in the infancy of our D/s relationship observing him in his professional life and that garnered a great deal of the respect that I initially had for him. Obviously as we grew closer to one another, I had many more reasons to respect this man. But it was critical for me in the beginning to be able to have an intelligent, meaningful conversation with my Dom.......if he was nothing more than a monotone, dense, robo-spanker then my interest would have waned.

Dominance and submission is as much psychological as it is physical.....actually more so. It was my Daddy's amazingly complex, sexy and sadistic mind that first drew me to him. He had to be compatible to me on an intellectual level. The physicality was just the icing on my kinky little cake. :) His mind is what drew me in...

Like a moth to the flame.

And here I remain......routinely getting scorched.  :)

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