Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Sunday, November 23, 2014



An accurate definition.

Submissive: One who finds empowerment through yielding to another.

Why, perhaps, do you think so many vanilla souls are offended by this label? Or the kink as a whole? Why should it bother anyone else what we choose to do in our personal relationships?

Every day when I log into my email & blog, I have numerous messages from strangers, lurkers and admirers alike. One message theme has stayed consistent throughout time......"your life offends me."

Huh? Really?

I must have missed the day that this blog became required or mandated reading in the lives of the rest of the planet.

Many things offend people, though I believe for the most part that our indignant society is trained to be offended far more often than is required by morals or ethics. I, personally, am offended often by Republican banter, Giants fans, and the mistreatment of children & animals. Rarely does a strangers' words, ideas or life offend me.

I'm not at all sure why my kink would offend someone is say.....Berlin......who does not know me personally, never will and is not forced to see, hear or read about my life. Good lord the threshold for offensive material has dropped dramatically.

If you personally do not want to have your ass spanked......then don't do it. If you don't wish to discover the yummy world of D/s.......then don't do it. If you're so offended by my life that you feel compelled to write to me.......DON'T DO IT.......and perhaps find a hobby.

Unless or until I am fucking livestock in Times Square while dressed as the Pope as school children life should not offend you! Grow up!

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