Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Monday, December 3, 2012

Addict VS Junkie

I'm in trouble. Big surprise, right? I know you're all completely shocked. NOT!

This is a relatively new offense.....well not entirely new, but one you haven't yet read about on this blog between Professor and I.

I have an addiction. 

Rehab has failed. Detox would be inhumane. So I'm allowed to be prisoner to my long as I don't become a junkie.......i.e. all things in moderation. 

Handbags.......I can not walk away from a designer handbag. The more elaborate, the more gaudy, the more expensive, the more exclusive the designer.........the better. 

I used to be insanely reckless with this addiction.......not like refusing to pay my mortgage reckless, but reckless in racking up ridiculous amounts of credit card debt to feed this habit. 

So when I met and became Professor's girl, I told him about this little issue. He talked with me about it and set a limit. I am allowed to buy one handbag each month. No more unless I have prior approval from him. It is a very reasonable limit and I haven't broken it.......until now. 

I was out with some college girlfriends shopping and I saw a sale I couldn't pass up. 

Buy One, Get One 40% Off! 

Hooray......there is a God! :)

Well I quickly found a Vera Wang that I just HAD to have! 

Then I found a Tignanelo that I just HAD to have!

But since they are different designers, I'd have to buy 2 of EACH to get the 40% off........yep, I was stupid enough to fall for that and quickly found 2 more handbags to add to my collection.......totaling 4 handbags in 1 day! 


So tonight, I confessed to Professor that I'd broken my limit.......without using the word "cute" or any synonym of it (his mandate when hearing about my handbags). 

He asked why I hadn't asked his permission. STUPID! STUPID! STUPID! I answered completely I always do with him.... 

"Well I didn't care to ask you because I didn't want to hear a 'no'."

At least I'm honest, right? Grrrr. He wasn't pleased. Actually, I believe he used the phrase: "egregious limit violation." Uh oh! Then followed that with a couple "Natalie Lynn" and "naughty girl" for good measure. He emphasized that my intentionally not asking permission made this worse. 

I really should have asked his permission. He is extremely reasonable with me. I know if I'd asked, like a good girl, he probably would have OK'd me buying 2 since they were on sale.......I just knew he wouldn't say 4 was acceptable. **sighs**

So now I had to add an entry to my nearly empty punishment list. And I've been told to expect a pretty good spanking for this offense. And......I have to return the handbags. ALL 4 of them! :( 

I know why he is making me do it, but I don't like it. I know I asked for this limit and I need it, but I still don't like it. I know my refusing to ask permission because I was afraid I wouldn't get my way was kind of manipulative and he is showing me that I wont get away with that sort of behavior. I get it, I get it, I get it......I just don't like it! They were ALL 4 super, super CUTE! **pouts & stomps my foot**

Manipulate your Disciplinarian & violate a limit..........Bad girl.......ZERO handbags.......Serious spanking.........pouting & sulking.........STILL NO HANDBAGS!  :(  

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