Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Don't Whine to Dad

If there is one thing my father has ZERO tolerance for out of me when I am in trouble with him, it is whining. 

"Your not liking it, matters why?"

"Uh huh, I'm very mean to you, I know. Call your sister & arrange a 'whine tasting'."
"I determine 'fair' young lady."

Yep, my father is as fond of my whining as I am of spiders. :) 

Thankfully for him & luckily for me, I am not much of a whiner. In the beginning of our disciplinary relationship, I whined quite a bit when I disliked a specific punishment (i.e. no cell phone in the car restriction).......but I *very* quickly learned to bite my tongue (sometimes literally). Any time I have whined about a punishment, it has only gotten me into MORE trouble.......and I'm relatively good at causing trouble without the assistance of my whiny additions. 

So, it is *extremely* rare that I will whine to my Dad now about any discipline or punishment issue. I will occasionally 'vent' to a girlfriend, mama Suzi, my sister or one of my wiener dogs.....but NOT to Daddy. I quickly learned to "censor for my audience." Smart girl! :) 

The other day, I wrote a post on here for you all (Addict VS Junkie) telling you that I had seriously violated my handbag limit last week. I knew I was being a bad girl when I purchased them.......I knew I should have called and asked Dad's permission.......I knew when he found out, my ass was going to pay for those "cute" darling lil bags. 

Well I confessed the very next night to my father when we were chatting and catching up. He wasn't thrilled about my buying 3 more than I am allowed.......but his biggest hang-up with the offense was my not calling him to ask permission. In retrospect, I really wish I *had* called him and asked like a good girl. He is very reasonable and I'm pretty sure he would have approved my buying 2.......I just chose to be a sneaky lil bad girl and *not* ask Daddy because I knew he wouldn't even consider allowing me to purchase 4 of them. And since I couldn't possibly choose between them, I just bought them all and chose to confess *after* they were safe & sound in my permanent possession. Bad Girl!

After scolding me for a good while about being a sneaky brat, the importance of obeying his rules, the reason I have this limit in the first place, Dad practically gave me a death sentence: RETURN ALL 4 HANDBAGS, YOUNG LADY!  :(  He had told me that I had to add this offense to my Punishment List and that he would "discuss" this choice with me at a later date.......for those of you with difficulty reading between the lines: I'm in for one heck of a spanking when my father gets his hands on me. Now, personally, I had thought the scolding & a serious spanking was more than enough punishment.......unfortunately, I am not the one who gets to make such decisions.

Now, I could tell by the tone of Dad's voice that he was irritated, I was on *very* thin ice and he was not going to be sympathetic to any "but Dad....." whine & sulk fests. So when he told me to return all of the purses, I sighed but then obediently said: "yes Sir, I'll return them tomorrow morning. I'm sorry."

YES.....of course as soon as I was done talking to my father I whined A LOT! Again, critically important to tailor to your audience. Phew.......disaster averted!  :) 

So the very next morning, I pouted my way back to the store with my 4 newest treasures in tow. I sniffled a little as I said my farewells to the gorgeous lil darlings and I walked to the customer service desk. I told the woman behind the counter that I needed to return the bags. She looked at my receipt and then we conversed:

"You just purchased these 3 days ago; buyers remorse?"

"No ma'am. They're perfect & I love them."

"Is anything wrong with them honey? Any damage?"

"Nope, again, they're perfect."

"Would you like to exchange them for other bags?"

"I'd love to, but I can't. I just need to return them."

"May I ask why?"

**exaggerated sigh**

"Because I'm in more than enough trouble with my father for buying them without asking permission first & he told me to return them immediately. Since I value my ass, I decided I'd be a good girl and return them as I was told to so that I don't make this any worse than it will be already."

**puzzled look quickly dissipating into a wry smile & obvious blush**

So.......she proceeds to scan and return my handbags. The fourth & final one she hands back to me and told me that because I had removed the tags that she couldn't take it back. As if this weren't a painful enough process!!! Ughhh!! I handed her the tags I had removed but she explained that if they were no longer attached then she could not return them, store policy. I handed her my credit card to refund the price of the 3 other bags and left the store with the 4th. 

I drove home, occasionally shooting evil looks at the gorgeous Tignanelo handbag sitting in my front seat. I worried that even though I had tried to be a good girl and follow instructions, I was still going to get into trouble for this because I was told to RETURN ALL 4! 

I sulked.......I pouted.......I procrastinated but eventually I knew I'd have to tell Professor. I found him on IM and told him that I had returned the handbags as I was instructed but that the store wouldn't accept the 4th because I'd removed the tags (I was *very* quick to point out that I'd removed them immediately after purchase.....NOT in a sneaky maneuver to keep the bag after being told to return it.) I apologized and then sat & waited.......staring at the screen, holding my breath, preparing for the worst and waiting for the gavel to come crashing down. 

"You've been through hell, you had to send back 3 of them, you did it with very little whining, you seem to understand how you were bad, and you will still be very soundly spanked. You may keep will also be (what I am told is an incredibly "cute") reminder not to break your limit again."



"I wont say it is "cute" but you will like it. I'm sorry for violating my limit and I promise I wont do it again. Thank you so much for not being mad and understanding."

"You'll be spanked good and hard and then it wont happen again, young lady. You may not have *liked* having to return them, but you obeyed me like a good girl.....and you didn't whine about it."

"Thank you for letting me keep it, Sir."

"Anything to maintain the "cute" quotient."

:)   HOORAY!!!  :) 

Important Lessons:

#1: Manipulate Dad & Violate Limits  =  BAD GIRL!  =  NO HANDBAGS!!!

#2: Obey Dad & Refrain from Whining  =  GOOD GIRL!  =  1 Super CUTE New Handbag :) 

I swear I'll NEVER whine to my father ever again!!!

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