Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Better Than S-E-X

I've been asked by a regular reader about my thoughts on sex, romance, discipline, D/s, etc. 

She even at one time asked me, "Are you sure your relationship isn't sexual?" Lol. The question amused me. I have an excellent photographic memory.......I would not forget Yes, I am sure my current D/s relationship isn't sexual. 

I have, in the past, had a couple of D/s relationships that were also romantic. Obviously with my husband, and one other before my marriage. 

Similarly, I have had two serious D/s relationships that were non-sexual. One in college and now with my Professor. 

So I have had it both ways. Honestly, not trying to take anything away from the romance, but I prefer the D/s dynamic I have my relationship with Professor......discipline, no sex. 

Don't get me wrong, sex is great and I love it but adding it to the complexity of a disciplinary spanking relationship is super tricky. Yes, my husband was strict with me but honestly I knew I had more power and control than I wanted. 

Let's be honest ladies, it is extremely easy to manipulate a man you're sleeping with. 

I understand that D/s & spanking are both very intimate exchanges, but it doesn't have to be sexual in nature. There may still be some sexual undertones, but it's actually amazingly powerful from the discipline aspect if you don't have the romance & sex muddying the waters. Make sense? 

See even in my romantic D/s relationships, sex was great but the spanking was always the main event......for me, anyway. I love sex but spanking just meets more needs and on so many different levels. The mindfuck that goes into a good spanking scene is intoxicating. 

Because my relationship with Professor isn't sexual, it adds to that knot-in-the-pit-of-my-stomach naughty girl feeling right before a session. I know that regardless of my whining or pouting or batting my eyes at him that he isn't going to take it easy on me and I'm not going to get my way with him. And I really sort of love that about us. The discipline is more authentic. The mindfuck even more intense. The entire scene and experience absolutely exhilarating. 

In three words........better than sex! :)

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