Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Double Trouble

An intoxicating role play is sex for the brain. 

Everything that goes into the experience just adds to the intricate elegance. 

Selecting the roles.....setting the scene.....preparing the props.....determining the dialogue.

It all comes together to create an amazingly intense mind fuck. (When it is done *right*)

Tomorrow afternoon I am playing for the *first* time with my Disciplinarian. I've been Professor's naughty little girl for 11 months now.......but I have not yet role played with him even one time because I *constantly* have offenses on my Punishment List that I need to be held accountable for when we schedule a session. So tomorrow is the very first for us. :)

I absolutely l-o-v-e a good role play scene. for the brain! :)

Though I've not yet played with Professor, I know I will not be disappointed. This man's overwhelming dominance is damn near palpable and I have *no* doubt in my mind that he can lead an amazing role play as well as he leads true discipline & punishment scenes. I've been scripting roles for him to play since like month #1 because I knew he would be the perfect strict fit. :) Intoxicating.......Professor is absolutely intoxicating. 

So I will post our session some time this week.......but for now, I'm just getting ready to drift off to sleep with my lil brain on overload rushing through everything I *think* will transpire throughout the course of the afternoon tomorrow.

And.....a teaser for you wont be just Professor & I playing tomorrow. :) I'm bringing along one of my best girlfriends in the whole world to be my naughty co-conspirator. :) I would almost feel sorry for Professor for what he is walking into tomorrow.....note I say "almost"......the man has an extremely effective way of transforming naughty brats into sniffling, sore-bottomed, contrite little angels. :) Intoxicating! :)

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