Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I Couldn't Love Him More


I spent the majority of my birthday with my Daddy.....and I am absolutely on cloud nine.  :)

The past 3 years, since becoming Daddy's girl, he has always made my birthdays special. He is a very early riser, and always makes certain to be the first person to call me and tell me "Happy Birthday".......and in fact, will sing it to me. :)

Last year he was actually away on business on the day of my birthday; and this year he was due to be but at the last minute his schedule changed and instead of filling it with other important things he had to do, he insisted he spend the day with me.....which just made me swoon. :) I knew I had entries on my Punishment List that had to be addressed, but I didn't care......I got to spend my birthday with my Daddy. :)

The entire session will be published at a later date, as I am still finishing up our last 2 punishment sessions for the blog, but I had to share this now.

The second I opened the door to him, he scooped his baby girl up into his strong arms and hugged me tight while singing "Happy Birthday" to me. I smiled from ear to ear and just clung tightly to him. I'd brought him lunch and we chatted as he ate. Eventually the tone changed and I was made to answer for my misbehavior, and no amount of "but Daddy pleaseee it's my birthday" swayed his resolve in blistering my bottom just as harshly as any other punishment.

After I had been properly punished and was a contrite, remorseful, sobbing little girl he gave me a card and a present. :)  My very own paddle......strictly for decorative purposes (I swear, he even mounted it so I can display it rather than be spanked with it.....thank goodness because it is very heavy and awfully mean looking). I love it.......and it is now proudly displayed atop my dresser with my framed Serenity Prayer and oak hairbrush (both also gifts from my Daddy), and my Father & Daughter figurine from Willow Tree.

He sat on the bed and called me to him once more, grasping my wrist and pulling me back down across his capable lap, his thighs hard against my torso, as he firmly spanked my bottom reciting each count in unison with me to total my age, 29 this year. I kicked my legs and giggled. His swats were very firm and on top of my punished bottom and thighs it stung like mad......but I still smiled. There is not a place in this world I would have rather been than draped over his knee getting a birthday spanking. I was an incredibly happy girl.

He even brought me a cake. He forgot it in the car and was going to go grab it but I told him that wasn't necessary, just let it melt all over his new car because I wasn't letting him leave now that I had him.......and he did. :) 

He has been having some back issues as of late, which concerned me so I gave him an exam, diagnosed the problem, demonstrated exercises for him to do each day, prescribed medication and gave him a 20 minute deep tissue massage.

When he finally had to go, he held me tightly in his embrace for several minutes while telling me how proud he was of me and how much he adored having me as his little girl. I smiled and almost started crying again as I clung to his chest, my sentiments mirroring his own.

The next day, when out with some friends and family for my official birthday dinner, they gave me a gift from the entire group of them and told me that Daddy had a huge role in selecting this gift for me and had helped them purchase it. I was at a loss for words. The gift was so incredibly touching and something I have wanted for years and knowing they all had collaborated with Daddy to find this gift and make it my very own brought me to tears.

I do not know what I have ever done to deserve this man in my life but I am so incredibly grateful that we found one another and that he chose to make me his girl. I love him more than I could ever verbally express. I cherish our time together. I respect him and admire him and look up to him in awe much the same way any other little girl looks at her daddy. I am so fiercely protective of him because I realize how rare and special the relationship we have built and share is. I truly adore being his little girl and pleasing him each day.

He is my best friend, my rock, my anchor, my father.......and I simply could not love him more.


  1. So very sweet. Your daddy sounds like a keeper. And happy belated birthday Imp.


  2. Gigi: Thank you, doll. Daddy is definitely a "keeper"......and my keeper.....all in one. :)