Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Monday, July 28, 2014

Sweet Dreams


***A late night exchange between Daddy and I. From 2 nights ago.***


Me:  I know; I am not stupid, Daddy.

Dad:  I know. Just reminding.

Me:  Reminding = annoying.

{{Rolls my green eyes at Him before shooting him a glare.}}

Dad:  Annoying = Shut up & Accept.

{{He meets my glare and narrows his gorgeous, dark brown eyes at me.}}

Me:  Shut up & accept = More annoying and possible tantrum & back talk on your horizon. Tread lightly.

{{He chuckles slightly at my threat, lowers his voice a full octave to reply and shoots me a penetrating glare that I quickly whither under and lower my eyes as my tummy knots.}}

Dad:  More annoying and possible tantrum & back talk on my horizon = Strap on your horizon....and bottom....and thighs. And do not dictate my tread, little girl.

{{Nervously chews the corner of my bottom lip.}}

Me:  Alright, okay, you win, yes Sir. And I love you.......a lot.

{{Scurries over to him and curls up in His lap, kisses his cheek, pulls his left arm tightly around my body and rests my head on his shoulder gazing up innocently at him.}}

Dad:  Uh huh. I thought you might see it my way. My little girl always does; perhaps not initially, but we always get there in the end.

{{Hugs me tight and kisses my forehead.}}

Me:  I kind of love being yours, you know?

Dad:  Good, because you don't have a choice.

Me:  I love that even more. The way you said it was incredibly possessive and hot. You, Sir, should be in bed. Please send me to bed early too and tell me my cleaning can wait until tomorrow.

{{Pouts up at Him pleadingly as I cuddle up closer in his lap and he strokes my long red hair.}}

Dad:  To bed...NOW...young lady. I will lead the way.

Me:  Yes Sir; and naturally, I will follow.

{{Hugs me incredibly tight and I jump up onto my tippy toes to kiss His cheek again before he swats my bottom and sends me off to bed where we will find each other in our dreams.}}


  1. lol, love this - we have many similar conversations around here. :) Yay for getting sent to bed early. hehe.


  2. nice pretty post
    I like seeing this side too...the 30-100 THWACK! posts sometimes scare the iving daylights out of me. I haven't got the fortitude you have..and certainly my bottom doesn't.
    :) L

  3. Amber........Thanks ;) Our similar conversations are due to our naughty genetics.

    Little........No worries darling, my Daddy is perfectly harmless....when he sleeps :) Lol. Actually outside of his Spanking Room he is absolutely one of my best friends in the world. Very warm, charming, generous.....a great guy. And inside of a punishment scene he is still very loving......just in a sadistic fashion, meting out what my naughty behavior has earned and what he knows I need and thrive under. Not many girls have my tolerance.....Daddy says it is my red hair that caused my sky high threshold.....his arm gets just as sore (well maybe not exactly) as my poor bottom and thighs do. Perhaps I should behave? :)