Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Nonverbal Dialogue

January 17, 2015

77% of communication is nonverbal. Amazing, isn't it? Hearing that figure initially, I was hesitant to believe it, it seems incredibly high for such a verbal society.

However, as I pondered the thought further, I began to not only agree but wonder if the true figure may even be higher. When you include things like facial expression, body language, hand gestures, written, unspoken expectations, etc. it is easy to see the 77% start to fit.

Below are very clear statements my Daddy Dom makes to me without uttering a single word.

The hands on the hips "you are treading on thin ice, little girl." warning.

The "tsk, tsk" finger wag for minimal naughtiness.

The very typical (and intimidating) angry paternal stance with his strong arms folded across his broad chest as he shoots me a penetrating glare.

The tummy-knotting "come here, right now, young lady" crooked finger gesture as I stare at him doe-eyed from the corner.

This "you go ahead and pout & plead all you want to, young lady, you've crossed the line and you're not escaping this punishment." slow, methodical rolling of his perfectly pressed Oxford sleeves up to his elbows so his full swing isn't hampered by his attire.

The classic and ever anxiety provoking "we are done talking, little girl" statement made as he unbuckles his belt preparing to whip my naughty, upturned, bare bottom until it is criss-crossed with angry, red welts.

The simultaneous hair-pull/face slap reserved for the mouthiest of naughty girls. When the verbal "Enough!" isn't sufficient, this one works every single time.

See? Oh so many nonverbal ways to communicate.......and that was just a list of ways his hands do the talking. :)

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