Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Do You Know.....?


Do you know how much I miss you, Daddy?

Do you know that I think of you every minute of my day?

Do you know that there is not an aspect of my behavior, my routine, my life that you do not impact?

Do you know when I wake in the morning, I smile, simply because I belong to the most amazing man I have ever had the privilege of knowing?

Do you know as I go about my day, driving where ever I may, your lectures replay over in my head and regardless of distance, you maintain firm control over my speedometer?

Do you know that as I cook, I smile and often drift away in my mind to a time & place where the meal I am preparing is lovingly done so, for you?

Do you know in the afternoon, as my day is starting to exhaust me, I sigh softly & smile as I think of you and the day you may be having?

Do you know when I take my babies to the park in the evening, I smile at each father daughter pair we encounter, because it reminds me of your paternal love?

Do you know there is not a store on this planet that I can peruse through without spotting impromptu implements and giggling as I travel back in my mind to my last dance with your inner sadist?

Do you know that I save and hoard your voicemails, and listen to them frequently just to hear the deep, sexy purr of your voice?

Do you know as I style my hair each day, I smile with pride at its length and knowing how it pleases you?

Do you know each time I walk, pet or snuggle my dachshund I immediately laugh at the sound of you howling with him & the "warm wiener" song you sing to me when I am sick?

Do you know even taking my medication makes me think of you and the looming consequences should I fail to do so?

Do you know each day as I shower, I pause on my bottom and my legs and my neck where your collar proudly sits?

Do you know at night as I start to fall asleep, I lay quietly slowing my breathing and thinking of you, what you mean to me, how happy I am to belong to you.......and if I concentrate enough I can hear your voice, I can smell you, I can feel you?

Not a day has passed in more than 3 years that I haven't had you in the forefront of my mind or carried you with me in my heart. Even now, with you gone from me, and our communication so remain a central driving force in my every day life. I love you, Daddy and I miss you insanely. Come home safely to me soon.......but until then, I thought you should know.......and I will see you in my dreams, Sir.

Daddy's Little Girl

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  1. This is so elegant and poignant. Thanks for sharing Miss Imp.