Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Limited to Zero


Another day further into the dark tunnel of Dom-less-ness as my Daddy vacations with his family.

Another day of missing him furiously and then chastising myself for being selfish and wanting to monopolize his time when I know he *needs* this time away.

Another day mixed with smiles thinking of the fun he is having and tears thinking of how much longer I have to go before kneeing in front of him again.

And as if I needed more fodder for the emotional instant messenger application on my phone abruptly stopped functioning today. DAMN IT!!! That is close to the *only* method of contact that Daddy and I have when he is vacationing on the lake. Ughh. I was so angry....actually, perhaps livid would be a more accurate term.

I uninstalled the application, then reinstalled it.......didn't work.

I yelled, screamed, cursed, cried.......didn't work.

I took my phone to the store to troubleshoot it.......didn't work.

I finally gave up and just pouted and cried and felt sorry for myself. I went from limited contact down to absolutely *ZERO* contact now......and this is *only* day #4......18 more to go. Ughh. :( 

I just want my Daddy.



  1. i know how you are feeling...hugs

  2. Thanks blossom :) It truly sucks but I know I'll survive...somehow