Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ahh More Insight

A few questions from blog readers.........and my answers to them.

#1) Do you record your sessions (visual or audio)?

No, Professor and I have not ever recorded a session. Not that either of us is particularly opposed to the idea; we just simply haven't done it. Perhaps, a future venture.

#2) Would you ever post pictures? Is Professor hot?

Would I post pictures, likely not. I am very careful to protect both of our identities. Both Professor and I have families, friends, public careers, etc that would be less than understanding of our relationship with one another. I can not and would not jeopardize our privacy.

Is Professor hot? If you're referring to his body temperature, he is typically a warm 98.7 degrees. :) If you're referring to him being physically attractive, yes I think so. And being that he is married, at least one other woman finds the man attractive. :) He is tall and athletically built. His dark brown eyes are incredibly expressive and absolutely gorgeous. He has a dominant jaw line, which I find attractive in most men. He has broad shoulders and strong arms. When he is pleased, he has a beautiful smile. No random piercings, tattoos or Tall, dark & handsome......yes, Professor is an attractive man.

#3) Do you two go to kink events?

I have in the past; Professor has not yet. We have discussed the idea of going together and I'm certain we will in the future; we simply have not yet.

#4) You're sassy sometimes; has Professor ever slapped you? If not, would you allow him to do so?

I can be sassy or mouthy or disrespectful at times; but it is rare that I am that way with Professor. Actually, I've only been disrespectful by phone or email.....I've never been able to do it in person. Has he slapped, he hasn't.....I've thought once or twice that he might when I've cursed during a punishment, but no Professor has not ever slapped me.....yet. 

Would I allow him to slap me crazy but I don't worry about "allowing" anything. Professor is my Disciplinarian and my Dom; I submit to him and belong to him. I would trust the man with my life and know he would never truly hurt me.....not physically, not emotionally, not at all. Him taking responsibility for me gives him the harder job. I simply have to trust, and my trust he has earned. My one and only decision is that I submit.....period. It is not my place to tell him what is or isn't acceptable, allowed, etc. He is firm but he is fair and my punishments have always fit the crime. If Professor felt I deserved to be slapped, then he could certainly slap me. It would shock me I'm sure, but I'd have no more of a problem with him slapping my face than I do him whipping my bottom. It is his job to decide what punishment I deserve, not mine. 

#5) What does Professor call you outside of a scene?

The same things he calls me during a Dependent on the topic, mood, circumstances being discussed, etc he may call me by only my first name "Natalie", he may call be by my first and middle name "Natalie Lynn", he may call me "young lady", he may emphasize the ownership of our relationship by calling me a possessive term "my brat" or "my girl" or "my daughter", he may call me Miss (last name), he may call me "little girl".......the list is limitless and changes dependent on the situation. What I call him is a far shorter list: "Professor" or "Sir." 

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