Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Monday, October 8, 2012

No Spanking??? WTF??


Hooray, no spankings.....right??


A girlfriend of mine and I have been planning a role play scene with Professor and it got rescheduled at the last minute. 

I know, I know.....most naughty girls would be jumping for joy if a spanking got put off.

If I were actually in serious trouble, I might not mind it being delayed. But this so very seriously ticked me off. 

The last week has been full of chaos and because of that chaos, I had been hurt.....a little bit. I insisted I was fine but Professor disagreed......and I believe we have covered multiple times on this blog which of us makes the final decision in things......and it aint me. :(

So I got a little angry and protested. I assured him that I was fine, just a couple bumps and bruises, totally fine to be spanked. 

Then I pointed out the obvious that my bottom wasn't injured.....only my head so we could continue as planned. 

When that didn't work to sway his opinion then I decided I'd pout and whine.....anyone remember how my Professor feels about whining?? 

He told me to stop my whining.....which made me feel like sulking even more and I figured since he was intent on NOT spanking me, then I would be safe to throw a little temper tantrum like a pissed off child and see how far that tactic would get me. If you're wondering......not far. 

His mind was made up and nothing I could say was going to change it. I was kinda pissy about it for a while. I didn't like the idea that this chaos was now controlling my life and plans. I also had *really* been looking forward to this role play session. For a few reasons. 

Number one, I've not yet played with another girl with Professor and I knew we would all have a great time.....even if two of us would be leaving with sore bottoms. :) 

Number two, with all of the current stress and chaos, I *really* needed to see Professor. Just being able to take an afternoon off from my 'real life' and spending several hours with my Dom makes me feel completely rebalanced, calm and focused. My stress melts away and my mood is instantaneously lifted when I am with him. 

Number three, I've not yet role played with Professor at all! I have been his girl since February and we have discussed role playing a few times but because of the distance, schedules, etc each time we are planning to get together for a session, I have amassed enough naughty entries on my Punishment List that it has to be a punishment session. So I was *really* looking forward to this play date. 

Call me crazy but getting a good, hard spanking but *not* having to deal with the emotional turmoil & disappointment associated with a true punishment sounds like a pretty darn good way to spend an afternoon. :) 

Professor understood my discontent but he had very little tolerance for my whining or throwing a fit about it. Oh and he particularly didn't care for the, "Fine! Whatever, reschedule the damn thing. I don't care. You're the freaking boss remember? HARD HEAD!" Yeah, maybe not the smartest thing I've said recently. My mouth ended up getting me a few new entries to my PL to be addressed later on......Professor was understanding and didn't even insist on the entries, I did after realizing how sassy I had been when I spoke to him. 

Just when I was at my poutiest, sulkiest, nobody loves me in the whole wide worldiest........Professor called and said he wanted to have lunch. He explained that with me physically injured, spanking me would be no fun at all for him and he wasn't going to change his mind BUT he wanted to see me. He had been worried about me throughout this entire ordeal and had felt helpless being unable to do anything to protect me. He wouldn't spank me right now and risk hurting me any more than I already had been because he wanted to know that his little girl was indeed okay before we played at all. He needed to see me in person to know that I really was okay. I'd told him via phone and email that I was "just fine" but I suppose that response didn't inspire confidence. :)  So we planned to meet for lunch on Wednesday afternoon. 

He arrived before I did and was waiting at the door for me when I got to the restaurant. Seeing his smile as I walked to him immediately improved my mood. I couldn't get to him quick enough. He held the door for me and after walking in he grabbed me by the shoulders and held me at arms length as he examined my bruises and boo boos. His dark brown eyes returned to meet with mine after giving me a once over....twice....and he watched me closely as he asked once again, "Are you okay?" I smiled up at him, hoping to reassure him as I answered, "Yes Sir, I am alright." His eyes narrowed at mine as he studied my face for a moment before finally pulling me tightly into him for a hug. I closed my eyes as I rested my head to his chest and hugged him tight, feeling the stress of the week dissipate and melt away. Even Professor's hugs are dominant  :)  His strong arms over mine and securely wrapped around my body, pulling me into him and my arms tucked under his and around his waist as my head rests against his chest. 

We had a nice lunch and spent an hour or so talking about all of our typical topics of discussion: work, kids, partners, Patriots, naughty know, the usual stuff :)  He explained to me why it is he can cook since its something I always give him a hard time for. :) I told him the poor horror story of my 4yr old shaving my only long-haired wiener dog this past week....the poor dog has a reverse mohawk.....just one damn bald stripe right down his back.....he will never live it down at the dog park. :)  Then of course I had to laugh and taunt him just a little bit for his smartphone stupidity. Lol! :)  This amuses me to no end because watching Professor struggle with his new phone, trying to type with his sausage fingers, and watching his frustration build when he can't get the thing to perform even a basic task is highly entertaining to me. Professor is one of the most intelligent people that I know, his intellect is a huge turn on for me, and watching him attempt to get this tiny little device to cooperate is hilarious. Though once he has decided I am healed up, I might get a good spanking for sharing this with you all. :) 


  1. Wow,

    It sounds like you had an amazing role play scenario set up.

    I can understand your disappointment, even more so since your last few meetings have been very serious punishment spankings.

    At least you got to see the Prof. and have a friendly conversation over lunch.

    Im looking forward to reading about your next encounter.


  2. Hey Jeff. I was disappointed but having lunch and just being with him helped tremendously. I've had a ton of stress lately and even though my mood has been horrible and I've not behaved the best, Professor has consistently been there for me and I couldn't begin to say what that has meant to me. He is amazing and I am a lucky girl.

    That "next encounter" happened two days ago and I will blog about it as soon as I have emotionally processed it all. It was incredibly hard and I'm still analyzing. Keep checking back.....a bunch of posts getting wrapped up and published the next few days.