Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Horrific Weekend


**If you're squeamish, turn away now.**

This is a blog post detailing an assault that occurred this weekend. I (your beloved Irish of this blog) was attacked and stabbed. My young son was with me and saw this happen. Thoughts sent our way for a speedy recovery are greatly appreciated. 

I made it through emergency surgery to remove the 6 inch blade from my stomach. I am surrounded by close family, friends, and my perfectly amazing Daddy Dom. I'm getting stronger every day and am just determined to get out of this hospital, back to normal and seek justice. Keep us in your thoughts please.

I will be back to blog missing punishment sessions very soon I promise. 

Thank you all in advance for your kind words of encouragement, thoughts, prayers, etc. You all truly are my extended family and I really appreciate your concern and constant support. Our DD/Ds community is amazing and I am honored to call you friends/family. No worrying.....I am "Wonder Woman" and will bounce back quickly, I am sure......just wanted to keep you all in the loop (as I know some of you geographically close have heard this happened and are scared to death) and assure you that I am and will be fine. 




  1. Holy Fuck! That is your crazy. Hope the dirtbag burns in hell. Prayers for both you and your son. Keep us updated.

  2. It's a sad world when someone can stab a mother in front of her child. I'm glad you came through it okay. I'm praying for you and your son.

  3. H.S...........I vote once I am at 100% again I get to determine and execute true justice :) Fair is fair right?

    Dana..........The world is a crazy place. Thanks for your prayers.

  4. My thoughts and prayers are with you my young friend.