Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

"Loving Correction" Discovered.....OMG


Talk about embarrassing. OMG! Daddy & I spent the day together today addressing new entries on my Punishment List.......some of them repeat lessons (never a good thing for my bottom). I will of course blog the entire punishment soon but thought I'd share the absolutely humiliating post-session happenings.

Ughhh. I don't embarrass easily.......and I am quite proud to share my spanko-ness & D/s relationship details with anyone who might inquire about this very vital facet of my life........but every once in a while, my "secret" is let out of the bag in a completely unexpected circumstance that catches me off guard and leaves me blushing furiously, turning my face as vibrant red as my hair or properly punished bare bottom........this is one such event.

One of the 5 offenses Dad punished me for today was my swearing. It's been a while since he has had to punish me for this offense. In the beginning, literally every session had a language lesson incorporated because I was horrible about cursing; but over the last year it has vastly improved. Unfortunately, the past few months of stress has seen me revert back to swearing Dad chose to punish me for it. And aside from spanking me good & hard for it, he decided he would also wash my mouth out with soap. 


The swearing punishment was at the end of our session. I was paddled OTK with soap in my mouth, then strapped over the bed with it in my mouth & finally stood in the corner with it in my mouth before Daddy finally let me take it out. My mouth was burning and I was ready to promise I'd never utter another swear as long as I live. We spent a good half hour together talking post-punishment and realized my lips had begun to swell. I attributed it to the length of time the soap was in my mouth (about 20 minutes total) and just disregarded it. 

The swelling persisted and I began having difficulty breathing.......I knew immediately I was having an allergic reaction, just no idea to what in particular, but I gave myself my Epi-pen injection and rushed to the hospital in case my throat did close. 

FIRST I had to explain why I had soap in my about embarrassing right? Not hardly as much as what happened next.......

I didn't respond to the initial injection so the ER staff had to give me another dose of epinephrine, which is an intramuscular injection administered into the thigh or bottom/hip. The nursing staff & doctors saw my freshly punished bottom.......bruising, welts.....the works. My face turned as red as my bottom & thighs were. 

I work in medicine and we have to be mindful of things like domestic violence so we always ask about unusual bruising, marks, etc. So naturally a nurse asks......the conversation went like this:

Nurse:  "Oh my goodness. Are you okay? Honey what happened to your butt?"
Me:  "I'm fine. What does it look like?"
Nurse:  "It looks like you got your ass beat."
Me:  "Well, there's your answer."
Nurse:  "Honey are you a battered wife?"
Me:  "Nope, just a properly punished daughter."
Nurse:  "What? Why?"
Me:  "My Daddy has a problem with my texting & driving and swearing."
                              ***Nurse is now blushing as much as I am***
Doctor:  "You're lucky. More girls need father's like yours."

And yes for all of those concerned......I am perfectly fine, I promise. Daddy has washed my mouth out before and there's never been a unfortunately for me, I can not convince the man I am allergic to mouth-soaping. :)  What happened was the bar soap the hotel uses was a "milk & honey" moisture bar......I am highly allergic to bees.......apparently honey intended for use in soaps is not filtered nearly as well as that intended for human consumption. Lesson learned.........and I pray I never need medical care in that city again! 



  1. i don't know to laugh or to cry of laughter. i shouldn't laugh, but the last part did it for me. i was concerned at first. how embarrassing though. glad you are okay. i'm sure at first it freaked Him out.

  2. Natalie, you know, you might just be allergic to mouth-soaping. I'm sure that as a medical professional you know that people can suddenly develop allergies to products used before without problems. I'm sure your dad would not want to risk your health by taking a chance that was the case with you. Would he?

  3. Oh goodness!
    Very, very embarrassing but glad you came through it all right and the nurses took your answer and didn't drag it out.
    The swearing thing will occasionally get me too.

  4. H.S......I laugh about it now just a few days later, it really is kind of hilarious. I would definitely be the empathetic nurse if a well-spanked Daddy's girl ever comes into my ER :) And yes, my Daddy was worried & with me all night long even leaving his IM on his phone as he slept so he could keep checking on me :) He kinda loves me

    Susan......Since I *always* have an Epi-pen with me because I have multiple anaphylactic allergies, I'm certain Dad will have no problem tempting fate again by soaping my mouth if I ever get brave enough to say "fuck off" to him in the future (wait...he reads my blog....I meant NAUGHTY.....not brave.....silly word mix-ups)

    Bleuame......I had been really good for almost an entire year about controlling my mouth AND I certainly did NOT miss the taste of soap in my mouth...I am definitely going back to speaking as my Daddy expects me to, no more cursing.

  5. So now you need to get a new epi-pen, right? I'm picturing it like this:
    Pharmacist: Oh, you need another epi-pen! Did you need to use it?
    You: Yes, I had an allergic reaction
    Pharmacist: To what?
    You: Er, soap.
    Pharmacist: I've never heard of anyone needing an epi-pen because of soap. A topical solution usually is enough to quell a skin reaction.
    You: Well, it was in my mouth...
    Pharmacist: But still.
    You: ...for 20 minutes.
    Pharmacist: 20 minutes?! Oh? OH! At your age?

  6. Oh, I am curious, do you think the Doctor is in the lifestyle? I only ask because he seemed so nonchalant about a grown woman getting her ass beat by her dad.

  7. Susan......My pharmacist would be oblivious :)

    H.S.......That doctor HAD to be a Dom. The man seemed pleased, if not ecstatic to hear I was subject to such correction...definitely a spanko.