Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Incredibly Simple Answer


I am a control freak........and yet my escape is complete power exchange.

In every other facet of my life I have to have information, I have to make decisions, I need to have my D/s relationship I need no information except my complete trust in my Daddy and with him, control is not something I want or need. 

I'm an almost abrasive Type-A personality.....very dominant.....but my true happiness lies in complete and absolute just one man.

Knowing my Daddy is in control quiets my mind like nothing else. I know he will take care of me. The world outside of us simply doesn't exist when I am with him in scene. Nothing else seems to matter. It is just he and I and the pain he chooses to inflict.....the pain I love to endure knowing it pleases him, which in turn pleases me. He is my escape. 

His eyes, his voice, his touch can fix my world for a moment. 

When my life is chaotic, I can hide from the world in his strong arms. He will hold me, melting away the stress, shielding me from the chaos, softly running his strong hands through my long, red hair and gently reassuring me. His deep, soft voice murmurs in my ear and pulls at my heart. His eyes, though penetrating at times, are incredibly dark, expressive and enticing. I think I may be most balanced & calm when I'm quietly & submissively kneeling in front of him, locking my eyes onto his. 

My Daddy Dom is simply amazing and I'm a very lucky girl to belong to this man and have the privilege of submitting to him. 

My life has been a rollercoaster for the recent past and I was asked today: 

 "How do you put up with this? I don't understand how you do this. Where do you get this strength?"

My answer:  

"I'm a strong girl, but recently I've been worn down and weak. When my own strength wears thin, I simply rely on his strength to pull me through, and it always has. When life gives me more than I can stand.....I kneel."


  1. "When life gives me more than I can stand.....I kneel."

    That's an incredibly moving statement. I love it. Beautiful writing, as always, Imp.


  2. Absolutely beautiful!