Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fill In The Blanks

1.) I knew he was going to be perfect for me when __________.
Answer: When I realized he had me completely mind fucked before we ever even met in person.
2.) The 3 things I love most about him are: ______ ______ ______.
Answer: In no particular order.....his intelligence, his dominant personality, his voice.
3.) It would be easiest to pick him from a line-up if I saw only his: ________.
Answer: His eyes
4.) It irritates him when I _______.
Answer: Top from the bottom
5.) It pleases him when I ________.
Answer: Do what I know is right.
6.) One thing we have always agreed on is ___________.
Answer: We, unfortunately, can not re-wire our children :)
7.) He can not stand it when I ___________.
Answer: When I am unnecessarily confrontational and when I curse.
8.) The most ridiculous excuse I've ever given him was _____________.
Answer: Lol. I told him he could not punish me for being late because I was born late so I can't help my punctuality and he needed to familiarize himself with Natalie-time :)
9.) His response to #8 was ____________.
Answer: Quoting him verbatim here: 'That is ridiculous. You can help it and you will be held accountable to me for it. I suggest you re-think my needing to become familiar with Natalie-time, or you little girl will become familiar with my belt."  **He meant through our 2nd session & see how well that worked out for me**
10.) If he never again said _________, I would be a very happy girl.
Answer: Disappointed
11.) He has no idea but when he ___________, I loved it. Because __________.
Answer: Told me I couldn't chop off my hair :) Because its incredibly possessive and I love that from him.
12.) Regarding my discipline, I love that he is ___________.
Answer: Consistent
13.) Regarding my discipline, I hate that he is ____________.
Answer: is a double-edged sword
14.) I love when he ___________ during a session.
Answer: Runs his fingers through my hair
15.) I know I am in trouble when _______________.
Answer: I usually know as soon as I do something that it is going to upset him. When I am with him, his body language, tone of voice, facial expressions, etc all very clearly communicate the seriousness of the trouble I am in.
16.) I am addicted to _______________.
Answer: Designer handbags
17.) If I had to choose between #16 or him, I would choose __________.
Answer: Is this even a question? Lol. If I had to choose.....gee, let me think about this one.....I really love Tignanelo & Vera Wang....hmmm.....OF COURSE I would choose Him. That's not even a close call survey The man has a heart beat and a handbags clearly do not. Thanfully for me I wont ever have to choose between the two.....he is tolerant of my addiction, and though he limits it, I am still free to continue collecting my purses. :)
18.) If he is upset with me, I would rather he _________ than __________.
Answer: I'd rather he yell at me,scold me,spank me,etc.....anything other than ignore me. I'm pretty lucky in this I suppose.....he is not a yeller and he does not ignore me. He will tell me he is less than thrilled with me and leave my poor lil mind to wonder just how much he dislikes my actions and what the repercussions are going to be.
19.) If he were an animal, he would be a _________, because __________.
Answer: An is this NOT going to get me in trouble??? Lol. Hmmm....well I do love big cats, so I will say a lion. ever stand next to a lion? You kind of know better than to taunt it or push it too far right? Kind of feel small, powerless next to it? Yep.....he is definitely a lion. And I really kind of like it. :)
20.) The one thing he has used for or done during a punishment that I absolutely hated was ___________.
Answer: This one is super easy and just happened at our last session. He made me read to him the disrespectful email I had sent to him when I was moody. I had to stand in front of him and read the entire thing while seeing that look on his face.....I HATED that and am confident I wont ever have to repeat that because I wont ever be so stupid in the way I speak to him.
21.) You'd probably never know it but he ____________.
Answer: Has a great sense of humor and is incredibly easy to talk to.
22.) He makes me laugh when ___________.
Answer: He can not get technology to cooperate for him. It amuses me to no end. :)
23.) He makes me cry when __________.
Answer: When he said I disappointed him. :( Only heard that once and dont care to hear it again.
24.) When he smiles, I __________.
Answer: I know I have pleased him and I love that.
25.) When he is happy, I ___________.
Answer: I am happy.......happy Professor = happy naughty imp :)
26.) When he is angry, I __________.
Answer: I have a very difficult time maintaining eye contact with him when he is upset with me.
27.) When he lectures, I ___________.
Answer: I listen
28.) I love when he calls me _________.
Answer: His.....and any other possessive term of endearment.
29.) As a disciplinarian, he is ___________.
Answer: Very demanding.
30.) In scene he is ___________.
Answer: All business and in control of e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g!
31.) I laughed when he said __________.
Answer: Told me he was 'good at this' in reference to being a disciplinarian/mentor......after being with him in person, I let him know he lied and horribly under stated his 'Good' is so not the adjective that comes to mind when I think of how well he has mastered this craft.
32.) When I am with him, I feel __________.
Answer: Small, safe, cared for, protected.
33.) If I never again __________, I know he would be pleased.
Answer: Got into a fight or unnecessary confrontation.
34.) If I could change one thing about him, it would be __________.
Answer: The distance between the two of us; but I am working on that and he is closer to med school so moving down toward the city will save my commute for school and discipline. :)
35.) In a word, describe him
Answer: Perfect :)


  1. Cute post! Made me smile reading it :)

  2. Thanks girly! Now as long as I dont get into trouble for comparing Professor to an will be a good day! :)