Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

More Confrontation Trouble

I’m in trouble. I suppose it is my own fault……well no, actually I am still debating on whether or not it is my own fault… I’ll explain, then you can all tell me if I did this to myself or if (as I think) I’m innocent and was provoked. J
Yesterday afternoon my girlfriend and I were on our way back to work from lunch. We were on the interstate and this car whipped around us but then slowed down to like 40mph…..on the freaking interstate. There was an 18 wheeler in the left lane so I couldn’t pass this idiot. So once we were on a straight away, I passed him on the shoulder, in the break-down lane… I pulled in front of him and then the lights came on…..the retard I’d just passed on the shoulder was a NH State Trooper in an unmarked squad car. **Sighs**  Brilliant, right?
My girlfriend is laughing hysterically and for who knows what reason decided to start recording me going off about this. Lol. The trooper approached and asked if I knew why he stopped me. I looked at him like he was ignorant and gave a flippant reply, “nothing better to do today huh?” He informed me that it is not only illegal to pass people on the shoulder of the road but it is also reckless driving. To which I rolled my eyes and said, “well for fuck’s sake if you would learn to drive, I wouldn’t have had to pass you on the shoulder genius.” He was less than amused and took my license, insurance, registration, etc back to his car as we sat waiting. When he came back he started his lecture about how inclimate weather decreases the speed limit…..I cut him off with, “are you fucking kidding me? It is raining. Inclimate??? Rain officer does not create a hazard so dangerous that you need to drive 40mph in a 65mph zone. Do you even know what the word inclimate means?” He seemed to be getting irritated by my sass and told me that if I continued to curse then he would write me a citation for disorderly conduct. I was just in one of those ‘screw off moods’ so I snapped back at him again, “Oh please do, I’d love another citation to add to my ever growing fucking collection jerk.” He was happy to oblige me.
So my girlfriend and I got back to work and she said she sent the audio clip of the traffic stop to Professor. Oh yeah, I freaked out! I started to panic. Re-playing everything I knew I had said to that trooper and knowing damn well what Professor would think about his little girl using that language and being so confrontational. I sent him emails telling him to ignore any emails from my phone. Then knew that would only peak his interest so sent another one confessing to ‘road rage’ but didn’t get into specifics as to the target of that rage.
Now today he & I just got off the phone and he hadn’t seen any of my emails because he has been busy today, so he asked if I had been behaving. Oooops. I told him I had been, past tense, “because yesterday a retard provoked me to be naughty”, he asked for details and I filled him in. Then a long pause, a heavy sigh and a “Natalie Lynn, that is ridiculous.” My stomach immediately started to knot at the sound of his serious tone of voice using both my first & middle names. “What is wrong with you? How many times have we discussed you being confrontational? How many times have I spanked you for being confrontational?” I answered, “Several times Sir.” He sighed again, “I do not care to do things several times, little girl.” I rolled my eyes at him pointing out the obvious, he *hates* when I make him repeat his lessons to me…..and I hate it too because it only gets harder each time we have to ‘discuss’ it. “I’m sorry Sir.” He stopped me, “Uh huh. Here we go with the I’m sorry Sir and Yes Sir and No Sir in a cute little contrite tone of voice. Think that’s going to help you? You’ve said it before and here you are yet again doing it, so on Friday I will make sure you are sorry.” I started to pout, I hate when he has to scold me.
I tried to help myself out by pointing out that I have behaved really well in the last month since we had out last session…….I’ve only gotten in trouble 3 times since then, granted those 3 times were pretty significant screw ups, but nowhere near the frequency I was getting entries added to my Punishment List. Professor has been extremely busy since our last session so we haven’t talked much and I’ve tried to behave really well so I wont irritate him or require his focus when it is needed elsewhere. I had been getting things added to my list like every other day for some dumb thing or another but this last month, only 3 total. But, like I said, the 3 were pretty big screw-ups…..1.fight with a co-worker in front of patients…….2.extremely disrespectful email sent to Professor when he lectured me via email about #1…… confrontation and road rage with a damn trooper who drives like a retard. Ughhhhh. And all of those things will likely each end up being counted as repeat offenses, meaning we have discussed it before, I have been punished for it before, and now Professor will have to AGAIN repeat his lessons to me. **Sighs**
So now on Friday I will finally get to see and spend some time with my Professor…….but instead of having a happy session, I’m going to be punished and I’m going to have to see that look on his face, and hear that tone of his voice and feel his displeasure in the choices I’ve made. Professor thinks I am too confrontational…….I think I am Irish and idiots provoke me……what do you all think??? Who is right in this one, Professor or the Imp??? I suppose either way, I’m still going to be punished for it Friday, so wish me luck…..I’m going to need it.  L

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