Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Rate & Critique Your Disciplinarian


**A reader of my blog sent me this via email. It is all about rating and critiquing your Disciplinarian. A bunch of questions and short-answer I'll humor her and take this little quiz :) **

In ONE word, describe the following about your Dominant/Top:

1.Eyes: Intense
2.Voice: Deep
3.Hands: Strong
4.Discipline Style: Strict
5.The 'look': Penetrating
6.Scolding: Effective
7.Spanking Technique: Perfect
8.Attitude/Temperment: Demanding

Short Answer Questions:

1.How did you meet?  We met online, by chance. I selected his profile as a suitable match for a disciplinarian for my younger sister. We continued to speak for a while and he decided to also provide my discipline.

2.What is your favorite implement for him to use & why?  His hand. I like the skin to skin contact as well as the closeness of the OTK position used with his hand.

3.What is your least favorite implement for him to use & why?  The double looped rubber strap I have. hurts like hell and Professor can strap rather effectively.

4.Are his rules for you hard to follow? Not really. I dont have a long list of stupid, micromanaged rules to follow. I actually have very few rules but the ones I have easily apply to just about everything I do in my life.

5.What does he punish you for most often? My attitude.....whether its my mouth, vulgar language, losing my temper, being confrontational......definitely my attitude. Making him repeat his lessons is probably a close second.

6.Describe your relationship: A non-sexual, discipline-based relationship. I am his brat & his naughty girl. He is my Disciplinarian, my mentor, the first person I turn to for advice, probably the closest thing to a father I've ever had, my demanding motivator, and somehow also my friend.

7.How do you know if you're in trouble? I usually know as soon as I do something that it will not please him. When I'm with him, the combination of his facial expressions, his body language, his tone of voice, choice of wording, etc leaves no doubt in my mind as to whether I am in trouble or not. He is a rather effective communicator.

8.What is the quickest way for him to get your attention? When he speaks, he has my full attention. Beyond that, him using my first & middle name together in a serious tone of voice.

9.Has he ever been unfair or given you too harsh a punishment? No. First, I don't determine what is 'fair' in our relationship, that is not my place, it is his. And no, he has never been too harsh with me, he somehow always seems to know exactly what I need and deserve, and he always follows through with administering it.

10.What non-spanking punishments do you use? He has grounded me or given me restrictions on certain things. Obviously he scolds me and uses corner time. He has threatened to wash my mouth out with soap, but has not done it yet....thank God. :) I've had to write lines during a session, while being paddled....that sucked. 

11.If you could change anything about your Dominant/Top, what would it be & why? The distance between us, but that will improve when I move closer for school. Other than that, I really wouldn't change a thing about him. 

12.What is your favorite physical feature of him? His eyes. He has incredibly expressive, chocolate brown eyes. When I'm in trouble, I'd like to avoid those eyes.....but at any other time, I can not stop looking into them. 


  1. This is a cute little idea. Do you mind if I "steal" it and post it on my blog? I'll make sure to give you credit for where I found it :)

  2. Help yourself.....I dont mind at all :)