Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Spirit VS The Letter

I went out with a group of my friends last night after work to have drinks and hang out at a local hot spot we frequent. There was a group of about 12 of us, pretty evenly spilt, about half spankos and half vanillas. My fellow-spanko girlfriends always l-o-v-e to try to get us into trouble.....which drives me nuts. I've never really cared much for intentional bratting to get attention from my Disciplinarian. I have more than enough real issues for us to focus on without me purposely being a brat. And besides, if I am in trouble that generally means I have done something that Professor does not approve of and he is upset with me, and that.....I hate! I used to always cause trouble with these girls before I found a disciplinarian because then I wasnt held accountable at all and the stuff we come up with together is rather So, anyway, now I usually sit back and watch these two in particular hang themselves and dont often take part in the chaos since I belong to Professor. Their disciplinarians are FAR MORE LENIENT than mine would ever even consider being....and I kind of like that actually. Professor has to care a whole lot about me if he insists on holding me to such a high is kind of complimentary if you think about it like that. ANyway, back to last night.
These girls also love to try to get me involved in speed drinking games or any other means of quickly making me intoxicated because I will take about any dare if I've had enough to drink. Thanks to my Professor, I now have a strict limit in how much I drink because of possible interactions with my heart meds so they know I wont drink more than 2. So anyway, Leann decided she would order the three of us the same drink, it is called a Purple Passion.....and I'd never heard of it before last night but figured, what the heck I will try it. I watched the bartender make these drinks and I was shocked at how many shots she put in each one. When she gave the glasses to us, I pushed mine away. Leann said, "What's the matter? Try it, it is good." I laughed and said, "I'm sure its good but there are 9 shots in this drink." She laughed and slid the glass back to me and said, "Yeah, so what." I pushed it back toward her and replied, "So what? I was banned from drinking Long Island Iced Teas because of their alcohol content, that is only 6-7 shots.....I can not drink this." She thought for a minute and then laughed and asked, "Well did Professor say you couldn't drink a Purple Passion?" I answered her, "No." She again pushed the drink toward me and said, "Okay then, there isnt a problem. Try it."
I laughed at her logic and attempted to explain a genius little concept to her about the spirit of the law versus the letter of the law......which by the way is a huge waste of time when you're explaining it to a I told her no, Professor had not banned that specific drink.....he didn't have to. The man didn't have to go through a bartender's encyclopedia of possible drinks and highlight all those I am not allowed to consume. I know damn well what he meant when he set this drink limit for me. If it is not safe for me to drink a Long Island with 7 shots, then it certainly isn't safe for me to drink a Purple Passion with 9 shots. It is common freaking sense. And I already know all to well what will happen if I decide to cross that boundary and I promised Professor he would not ever have to repeat that lesson to me again.....and I aim to keep that promise.
Again with the game playing and intentional bratting......she lives by the philosophy that if her husband hasn't specifically said it, then she can do what she pleases and not be held accountable if he didn't forewarn her that it was not allowed. I laugh at this idea quite frequently. The whole concept is ludacris. And I'm fairly certain if I ever lost my mind and attempted to use this 'logic' as my defense with Professor, he would object, I would be found guilty and God help me when it was time for my sentencing hearing. Lol.
I tried to explain to Leann that this is not how Professor and I work and that excuse is a pretty immature view point. I mean think about it.....Professor has never told me that I would be in trouble if I robbed a bank.....and I'm sure any of you other ladies have not gotten that warning from your Dom/Top/Disciplinarian doesn't need to be said, it is common sense. Just because he hasn't told me not to do it, does not mean he would not hold me accountable if I did do it. Just because he hasn't thought of and spelled out every possible offense I could commit, does not mean he wouldn't have the right to be angry at me if I did something that upset him.
Professor does not micromanage my life and set hundreds of rules but he still maintains a very firm control in my day to day life. We don't even really have a list of rules at all. I have very few actually but those 'higher rules' easily apply to everything in my life. I have two higher rules....#1: Be open & honest at all times about all things with Professor, no editing. & #2: Do what I know is right. I have one rule that applies to when I am being punished....#1: Do not speak unless I am spoken to. Answer 'yes Sir' or 'no Sir' unless he asks for elaboration, if thats the case, I need to answer immediately and respectfully. And I have two other specific rules for me.....#1: No hands-on use of my phone when I am driving unless it is an emergency & #2: No more than 2 alcoholic beverages when I drink. See? Pretty simple but just as complex. Higher rule #2 can be applicable in every single thing I do and/or I am ALWAYS accountable for my actions. And as difficult as that is at times, I am really glad that he & I work the way we do.
I had a set list of behaviors I wanted to change or felt I needed to change when Professor & I began this journey together. But throughout the last 5 or 6 months, I have noticed things I never even thought were an issue being fixed or corrected. Other people in my, friends, co-workers, etc have also noticed changes and commented on them. And some of them were things that were never even on our agenda to I think that is because Professor has never focused on my behaviors.....his focus has been on me. He wants to help me improve, he wants me to be happy, he wants me to succeed. That is what makes him so different than other Doms/Tops/Disciplinarians I have met......and I think Professor is one of very few men who have this 'right', so to speak. And I am not about to intentionally be a brat or defy him to share a laugh with my girlfriends.....this relationship and this man are far more important to me than that. 


  1. I love this post. I think you are right on. I like that my guy also wants me to be a better person, not just do some things better. It makes me feel so much more connected.

    Keep it up!

  2. Very connected and very loved.