Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cruel & Unusual

Just a silly post I thought you all would enjoy! I got this as a forward from a fellow-spanko girlfriend of mine. Enjoy!


Okay ladies, we are composing a list of things to ban as cruel and unusual punishment. Our dumb Doms probably think these are effective discipline tactics so we have to convince them that they're cruel & unusual punishment and should be forbidden as they tend to cause nervousness, remorse, tears and contrite attitudes.....this is not acceptable. So, add your ideas to the list and sign the petition to outlaw these practices. If you have a good, sweet, loving Dom then you may forward this to him and ask for his signature in agreement.......however, if your Dom is like mine and will only see this list as a suggestion of more brat-beating creativity to use against my innocent ass later on, just forge his signature! :) Lol!

**Instead of calling me to him, he will grab me by my arm, ear or hair and drag me to my impending fate
**Pulling down my panties himself instead of telling me to do it
**Corner time sucks
**My Dom will make me cut my own switches. That should totally be banned!
**I hate when mine calls me young lady or little girl when I'm in trouble
**Grounding/restricting of ANY kind
**Making me kneel in front of him for pre-punishment scolding
**Applying a strapping or switching to a wet bottom
**Mike will use ice to freeze my bottom before hairbrush paddling
**Pinning my hand to lower back and using leg locks while paddling OTK
**Raising his voice....HATE that
**Making me count swats
**Canes should ALL be banned (and burned!)
**My Top slapped me across the face once. He didn't do it to be mean or hurt me, just to shock me I think. It stung and it definitely DID shock me, I never expected that. I've not ever sworn at him since then and that was like 6 years ago. Lol.
**Using restraints for spanking
**When I'm in really serious trouble Kevin will keep me isolated during my punishment; refusing to use the OTK position that I like to deny me the closeness and contact that I want during punishment
**Washing my mouth out with soap for swearing or arguing
**Using cords as an implement
**Instead of giving me a certain number of swats, Chris has switched to a certain number of minutes and will set a damn timer for 2-15 minutes and spank me until it goes off.
**I hate when he ignores me or wont talk to me when I'm in trouble
**My Dom will make me apologize to my sister or friend or whoever after he punishes me for fighting with them
**Public scolding should be outlawed!!!
**Public swats are worse
**Having to maintain eye contact when he lectures
**Writing lines
**Rubber paddles and straps are cruel and unusual torture devices

Feel free to add your own ideas in the comments section and I will update the list every few days or so.

BTW, just so you all know, my Disciplinarian has been sweet enough to re-write my Bill of Rights (It is a separate post here on my blog: "Naughty Girls Bill of Rights".....makes for entertaining reading but I caution you: DONT share it with your Top/Dom.) and my new 8th amendment entitles me to the PRIVILEGE of accepting any and all forms of cruel and unusual punishment! So anything voted "cruel & unusual" by the rest of you is fair game for my punishments! Perhaps I will aim to convince Professor that unlimited handbag purchases, "get out of spanking free" passes and cuddly lil wiener dogs are cruel & unusual?? :) A girl can dream, right? Lol! :) 


  1. No, no, no, Natalie Lynn, you don't want "get out of spanking free" passes. Those leave you subject to other forms of punishment. You need to convince him that complete immunity from prosecution is cruel and unusual punishment. I expect that you will succeed about the same time the sun rises in the west, but, hey, if you think it is a good idea to try...think again! Dreaming is perfectly fine.

  2. Lol. Thanks Susan! I got your email of the really cruel and unusual punishment for me....for the record, you're right....that would SUCK! I will not *ever* mention that to Professor. :)