Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

His Little Girl


I sat in my room this afternoon, waiting for my father to come home to deal with me. 

Despite my wishing, hoping and praying.......he did not forget about my bad behavior........and like any good father, he did not shy away from the task of teaching his errant daughter a hard lesson. 

After worrying last night and being in a constant state of nervous panic waiting for him this afternoon.........I am absolutely exhausted tonight. So I wont be writing out our session right now. So you all have the before ('Just Wait Til Your Father Gets Home') and you have this after post.........and the punishment session in the middle will be posted soon. I'm just far too tired to write it out now. And now that I have been punished & held accountable, I am in my quiet, calm and content state that always follows an intense punishment for me. All is 'right' in my world and I again feel a certain balance knowing that there are no longer any outstanding issues between my father and I. Holding onto that anchored feeling, I will be able to fall to sleep with ease tonight. Amazing how a punishment can make a girl feel secure and anchored again. 

Obviously you will all soon have the detailed account of this session, but I'll share a couple snippets and thoughts with you now.

It should go without saying that as I type this short blog post, I am sitting on an *extremely* sore and properly punished bottom. A 'new' implement was used for the latter part of my punishment.........and it has absolutely contributed to the greater than usual tenderness in my bottom & thighs. 

My thoughts on this new implement:  Owww! and Ouch! 

There were a handful of offenses that had to be addressed in the session today; but one in particular had me very concerned because of the seriousness. I can assure you that my father tailored my punishment to match the severity of that offense. I can also assure you that I will not ever again commit this offense. Lesson learned. 

The punishment was harsh but his scolding was worse. I *hate* disappointing him. 

As hard as this punishment was to get through, both physically and emotionally, throughout the entire session I knew that Professor administered this spanking because he truly does care for me. I'm *his* daughter and he will protect me.......even if it's from myself. Whether I am good or bad.....I am still his either way. I'm not certain I could put into words what that unconditional love means to me. 

Once the last of the swats found their mark.........

After the lecture ended with firm warnings for my future behavior.........

After I laid crying into the pillow on my bed, thinking about my behavior..........

Professor sat on the side of the bed and he called me to him....

I've become very accustomed to being pulled into his arms and held in a tight embrace after I've been punished. It is a simple gesture that reassures me that I am forgiven and that he & I are okay. And I really kind of like the way I fit pretty perfectly under his arm, with my head on his chest.

But today, instead of standing and pulling me into a hug, he held me on his lap. He sat on the side of the bed and I sat in his pants still tangled at my ankles, my bottom freshly spanked, my eyeliner running, my long red hair a disheveled mess.......but the only thing that mattered in that moment was the security I felt in his strong arms as he held me tight and I cried on his shoulder.  

To the world, I am a grown woman. 

To my father, I am his little girl........and I think I kind of love that. :) 

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