Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Sunday, November 11, 2012

I Bet He Never Thought He'd Say________!

I have written several times about my own surprise throughout my relationship with Professor. The man I originally expected to be the strict, demanding disciplinarian that I needed.....but over time has become so much more to me. Mentor, father, parenting coach, motivator.....friend. 

But I imagine our relationship has provided him with a few surprises along the way as well. I am certain that on Day #1......Professor *never* thought he would have to say the following. :) Enjoy!

She Said: "Spitting isn't very lady like."
He Said: "Neither is kicking a psychos ass, I am not raising ladies."

He Said: "I get the bathing (I think) - baking?"
She Said: "Not baking my dogs. Baking her cake and bathing the dogs."
He Said: "Oh I parsed that sentence as having baked wieners."

She Said: "Hey it's election day, shouldn't you be arguing with the Republican in-laws?"
He Said: "Giving medical dictates to you is infinitely more fun."

She Said: "I've had a migraine for two days now."
He Said: "I could spank your bottom so it hurts worse than your head, would that help?"
She Said: "That's very sweet of you, Sir."

He Said: "I'll be back online later."
She Said: "Promise?"
He Said: "I aint sausage-finger peckin on my damn phone."

She Said: "It's gotta make you proud to hear that your brat is a murderer."
He Said: "The only thing you murder is car transmissions when fixing tires."

She Said: "I am kind of winging this whole parenting thing but I am relatively confident that my son wont drink from gas pumps."
He Said: "Just attempt to fly."

She Said: "Aladdin wants an apology for him and his camel."
He Said: "You will apologize to the camel, young lady."

She Said: "French manicure then?"
He Said: "I know of french toast, fries and kisses. I don't know or care to know of the manicures, young lady."

She Said: "How was the play?"
He Said: "I could have rented a room instead and spanked you for 90 minutes with a Christmas hat on your head......better use of my time and money."

Professor makes me laugh a lot......and I *almost* pity the man for having to put up with me.....almost! :) 

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