Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Saturday, November 17, 2012


There are two kinds of strength. The strength to lead and the strength to follow; the strength to control and the strength to yield. If you do not understand this then you can not possibly make presumptions about my relationship dynamic. 

"That which yields is not always weak."  -Jacqueline Carey

My submission was not given; it has been trust and deep respect, similarly earned by a man who understands, nurtures and protects the gift of my submission. 

I am naturally drawn to and value the gift of his dominance. I absolutely adore being *His* girl. His to lead, His to teach, His to discipline, His to punish, His to guide. It can not be said more simply than through a single word: His. 

No man seeks to control what he does not care for. No man protects an object void of value. 

To please this man pleases me. To disappoint him breaks my heart. I need and crave his approval.

My surrender was not void of prerequisite; for all my Dom expects from me, he selflessly and attentively gives to me. I am *very* well taken care of. 

My relationship, as any other, is a shared vulnerability. The reward is worth this risk. 

Dominance and submission is an intricate dance; a primal desire that far transcends time.

If you do not like or agree with my relationship dynamic, that is your choice. Everyone is entitled to have an opinion. But if you can not express that opinion in a civil manner, then please don't waste my time or yours by writing your rants out. Assumptions are more often than not, incorrect. You can not judge me or my relationship based on biased and blind ignorance. 

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