Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Choking on fun.....and I do not ever recommend it! Way too much carbonation in the nose....yuck.

Now.....what happened to make me choke on my Sprite? Glad you it goes. :)

I went out to dinner with friends last night to catch up and get some adult time. My girlfriend Leann from work had invited her Top to join us. Cute, right? Well he is actually a pretty cool guy so we didn't mind at all. Anyway, in the middle of some political rant, Leann cursed. It was pretty obvious that she was getting heated and annoyed with our co-worker Jeff who is a little too far to the right for Leann's liking. (FYI....this is why you should NOT discuss politics at work!).

Her dinner date and coincidentally, her Disciplinarian, Chris gave her a look. She continued. The next time she swore, he glared at her and added, "Leann, watch your mouth." I have no idea what she was thinking....perhaps she was possessed.....she snapped back at him, "Oh shut the f&ck up!"

The Sprite I was drinking at the moment, decided not to go down my throat but rather up into my nose.

Everyone at the table just sort of froze, looking from her to him and from him to her. The silence was deafening. Finally she said, "My bad" and the conversation started up again like this had not even happened.

I was dumbfounded. I can not even begin to imagine what the reaction from a certain perfectly strict, spank-happy Disciplinarian would be if his red-headed angel had said the same thing to him. In public or not, I can promise you he would not even consider taking "my bad" as atonement. OMG!

I am very rarely rendered speechless......I know, I know, you so cant believe This little exchange left me speechless. I had to have looked like a deer in headlights. I am not even sure who I was more shocked at to be perfectly honest with you. Her for saying something so outright disrespectful to him, or him for seeming to brush it off without even an apology.

I suppose their dynamic is FAR different from mine & Professor's. I would NEVER and I do very sincerely mean N-E-V-E-R say something like that in front of my Disciplinarian......let alone direct it at him. And really, the reason I wouldn't dare talk to him like that isn't even really because of what his reaction might be.....well, maybe a little bit....honestly, I wouldn't ever speak like that to him because I respect him far too much to be so vulgar and blatantly disrespectful toward him. I just couldn't do public, in private, on the phone, sending up smoke could not do it.


  1. Every relationship is different, of course, and perhaps "my bad" is good enough in theirs. I can tell you that if my wife spoke to me that way in public, I'd have made sure she understood I was unhappy even back in our vanilla days, before we took up D/s.

    The "in public" aspect of this is a bit tricky, though. Perhaps a correction took place in private after they got home?

  2. From your comments above i take two clear things from it. Firstly you yourself are undergoing assistance from your personal disciplinarian and there for show both respect and admiration: and admit you would NOT act in the bratty way your friend Leanne did especialy while mingling with guests ect.That does not mean you will never cross the line for you are currently on a learning curve. but to react like your friend suggests only one thing to me that her partner Chris may be a Disciplinarian but it seems in name only after letting her both rude and appalling mannerism pass unattended . Being a practising Disciplinarian myself i can categoricaly say had i been in the position of Chris she would have had one of two things to contend with. One being she would of been escorted from the room to another room had the dinner engagement actualy been at a friends house .Were she would have been placed over my knee and her bare bottom givn exactly what it certainly deserve a thorougly sound spanking until on returning to the table found it extremely difficult to seat herself.Or secondly had the dinner been in a restaurant after we returned home she would have received the very same spanking mentioned above together with at least 12 strokes of my rattan cane to deter her in future engagements from conducting herself inappropiately. Either way the young lady would certainly come to understand that correct etiquettte is everything .

    Correction Man.

  3. I would hope it was addressed once they were home. I was just so taken aback by the entire ordeal. I know even if I were in public, I would not at all be safe and escape consequences for something like that.