Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Thursday, June 7, 2012

I HATE My GPS....Grrrr

Okee dokee.....I've done it......I've broken my good girl streak. I got pulled over yesterday on my way back to the hospital.

Now now.....I know what you are all thinking......NO it was NOT for speeding. I was actually kind of sort of excited that I wasn't stopped for it wrong to say I was proud? Yeah, probably. Anyway, here is my story and you all are lucky enough to hear it before Professor (he is away right now and we have had limited contact)......I'm hoping his 'break' sends him back in a good mood.....well, at least forgiving. Okay okay, a girl can dream......back to yesterday.

There is construction on always....but it is bad along my typical route so I had to go around. Only I could get lost in such a small In the city, I always know where I am, out here in the mountains I am lost in 10 minutes. So my lovely smart phone has a helpful little GPS and I turned it on to help me out.

GPS was doing a great job until it told me to take a right.......which would have been into the Connecticut River so I did not take the right. Perhaps GPS was confused? Maybe it is a smart GPS and knew my destination was a hospital......driving off the bridge would certainly get me there......just not as uninjured as I was aiming for.

A block later it told me to make a U Turn which I did. Then The red and blue lights were right behind me. Crap! Yep, panic started and I hoped he didn't say I was going too fast......Professor has no tolerance for me crossing that boundary. Ughhh. It never even occurred to me that the U-Turn was the cause until the officer pointed it out. "But GPS told me to"..........Officer Zero-Humor did not care what GPS said.....he at least could have ticketed Google for its App being an accomplice to the crime, right? Ughhh. Written warning in hand, I decided to throw GPS in the floor.

So now, I'm certain Professor will have about the same opinion as the cop who stopped me. I can almost hear his lecture already and he is not going to care at all that GPS told me to do it. IF he even believe it did, which I swear the damn thing did.......I can hear that deep, penetrating voice scolding me and saying something like, "And if the GPS told you to jump off a bridge Natalie Lynn, would you do it?" ' ironic you ask Sir, no I absolutely would not jump off a bridge and when GPS directed me to drive off a bridge, I didn't do that either Sir.' LMAO. I am laughing about that already......I have to get it out now, he really does not like my giggling at a lecture.

Damn this GPS........completely ruined a month of good behavior.......grrrrrrr. Well, if I am going to get spanked, perhaps I should misbehave a lot and make it really worth it??? Who votes 'yes' and who votes 'no'? LOL! girlfriend Jackie has decided that GPS truly stands for "Gets Princess Spanked".......cute, right? NOT! I have my own ideas......but it has nothing to do with spanking......well, unless Professor reads this post and doesn't care for my Phucking Sucks!  :)

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  1. I'm LMAO at this post. You know, I'm really glad that I can read a map, because all these gadgets sound good, but in practice, not so much. Even using my computer to get directions from Google maps has its pitfalls. Sometimes I've gotten directions to use freeway exits that don't exist. And just try asking for directions from New York, NY to Tokyo, Japan. Really, do try it.

    I'm voting "no" on further misbehavior, since you've asked.

    I hope you get your MCAT results soon. Waiting is the pits.