Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Saturday, June 16, 2012

What A Read

Wow.......well after a week, I have finished the trilogy of books in the 50 Shades series. I will say it was an interesting read. The sex was great....I can totally understand why it has been labeled 'mommy porn.' Lol.

However, after reading through it, I think my Professor may be right. Not even certain why I am surprised by that, he typically is right about things. :) When we discussed the trilogy he said he planned to download it to his Kindle but hadn't yet because typically anytime an author writes about the topic (DD, D/s, BDSM, etc) they make it seem as if we are all so very abnormal. Because Lord knows to the rest of the world, we have to have some sort of explanation for this thing we do. **rolls my eyes** Again, Professor was right......poor Christian Grey had quite the issues and a pretty screwed past. This trilogy was clearly written by a vanilla author who truly has no idea or understanding of what we do or who we are. Basically, the mainstream media-enhanced version of what they expect we are.

I'd love to see someone who knows what they are talking about perhaps, write about the kink. Is it just safer for vanilla people to assume that 'we' all come from some sort of tragic start, live screwed up lives, have insane relationships, etc? Can they just not wrap their little minds around NORMAL people engaging in this kink? I wont go as far as to call myself 'normal', but I think I could be convincing. I haven't had an exactly ideal life but I'd like to think I'm not all too focused on my past when it isn't something I can change.

I find it vaguely amusing that so many people have preconceived notions of who we are, what we do, what we are like, etc. Most of 'us' are extremely normal people. I have several friends who enjoy this kink, some lifestylers and others not so much, but more so casually. Doctors, attorneys, police personal favorite of course.....Professors :)  We are normal people and you likely wouldn't pick us out of a crowd. We have normal lives, families, careers. We aren't some insane bunch of half-human misfits. Surprisingly enough, some of us have quite normal and unremarkable dramatic screw-up to point to as the source of our interest in this kink. It is just what we do this truly so hard to understand? Do we honestly have to be portrayed as so socially non-functional? **rolls my eyes**

It is exasperating. It is as if those who don't participate in this kink, assume we are all so deviant. And then there are the feminists who are almost insulted by the thought of a woman wanting to be spanked and/or dominated. This part....I can totally explain. :) A woman being attracted to a dominant man is natural. Historically men are providers, protectors, strong, unwavering......a woman traditionally is a nurturer, a lover, a helper. Yes, we have come pretty far from the 1950's.....I get that and actually enjoy being an equal to strong men in my day to day professional life......but, inside.....I am drawn to dominance.......mostly to test it, but for one man, to submit to it. Is it really so difficult to believe that it pleases me to please Professor? If the historical argument wasn't clear enough, I can also break this down into very basic, blunt anatomical facts.........a man thrusts, a woman receives. That help clear it up? :)

Perhaps they will never 'get it.' Perhaps we should write about them and their crazy, abnormal vanilla boringness? Yes, I know....that is not a word......well, now it is. (Put the red pen away can not grade my blog :)  ).

Other thoughts on the trilogy.........I am guessing if I were involved in a high speed car chase, Professor would kill me if I survived it; I couldn't go more than like 60mph with him in the car with had to tell me to speed no chance in hell I'd engage in a car chase with him in the vehicle. Oh and if I were to tell him what he could or could not spank me with or how many swats was acceptable......lmao.....I imagine he might laugh but then he would have no problem 'reminding' me which of us makes the decisions regarding discipline (or anything else really) in our relationship. The whole running off to a confrontation with an idiot with a handgun in my jeans.........yep, nope.......might consider it if I were really pissed off but no way in hell would I do it........Professor was pissed enough when I slapped someone, I would not care to explain my shooting someone to to bed.......good night Blogger.


  1. I agree. I love love love love the book and want to go have 'kinky fuckery' with christan grey lol, BUT I don't like how they made it seem so abnormal and crazy.

  2. I could just get through the first book. Some nice sex scenes, yes. But the rest was pretty vapid. The author spends way to much energy coming up with lame excuses for the protagonist's kink.

    ANd who can believe that a woman at that age would never have had sex or masturbated, but then gets so off on this guy at the drop of his fancy cars and helicopter?


  3. I am unable to comment on the article you have just read having not heard of it let alone had the pleasure of reading it. But i can comment from experience that if the hairbrush pictured at the top of your blog, is used correctly accross the bare bottom cheeks of a deserving lady she will certainly be on her best behaviour for quit some time.

    Correction Man.