Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Demanding VS Micromanaging

I have confused a few people in recent posts when I made the statement that my Professor is very demanding but not a micro manager.......I suppose to most people, those two are synonymous but to me, there are distinct differences. So now, I feel obligated to explain those differences.

Demanding but not a micro manager.....what do I mean by that? Professor is very demanding as a Disciplinarian. He does not set many rules, but those he does set can easily apply to everything I could possibly do and/or say. He is not a softy, not a push over. He is reasonable and will listen to my defense of my actions, but will not be overly tolerant if my 'reasoning' is ridiculous, irrational or immature. Oh and those sweet little helpful tools for naughty girls called 'excuses'......yeah, forget about that. He will stop me the second I start to make an excuse, and honestly I really like that. Professor will call me on my sass, confrontational spats, overly combative attitude, lack of respect. Whining, apologizing, pouting.....not only will it not help me out of trouble, it will end up getting me into more trouble if I try it.

My having a bad day, being irritated, PMS, work issues, hungover, blah blah blah.......can not use any of it to justify my behavior. Oh and telling him something is hard to do........that only gets me a "more difficult means you work harder at it" lecture. I can not out-smart this man......and I really kind of like that too. :)

Oh and our location, current surroundings, other people, etc do not deter him from disciplining me either. He has scolded me in a hotel stairwell with housekeeping feet away, listening to the two of us. Other people's actions will also not be acceptable reasoning for my reacting.....which I It is so easy to say I was provoked......well until I found a Disciplinarian who wouldn't allow me to blame my behavior on other people's behavior. After a two hour session, we went for drinks on the islands and on our way back this car cut us off and I instinctively made a not so nice gesture. would have thought I killed someone. Lol. He actually startled me when he barked, "Did you just gesture at that driver little girl?" My heart sank as I shook my head to confirm what he had suspected. I knew he saw them cut us off and told him "they started it", hoping it would weasel me out of any looming trouble. I mean bottom was soooooo sore. "Stop it. Other people may drive like idiots Natalie Lynn; but I will not allow my daughter to add her road rage to make it worse." I stopped while I was ahead and just prayed his arm was too tired to spank me when we returned and applauded myself in my own head for appearing contrite rather than defensive, to escape irritating him enough to make me pull over and getting spanked on the side of the highway.

Micro managers are a bit OCD if you ask me. :)  Professor knows the few rules he has given me are all encompassing so he doesn't bother with small, irritating rules like 'be home by midnight' or 'no going out on a week night'. I suppose if he wanted to set rules like that, I would follow them just the same because what he wants and what pleases him is what I strive for. But I'm glad he doesn't and glad he knows he doesn't have to. He has a very firm grasp on me and my behavior at all times and the second I know I have fallen short of his expectations, I regret it and start to compose an email to him to let him know what I've done, minus the excuses.

One of my girlfriends has a micro manager that has so much free time he even decides what she wears. Wow. What man in the world has that much free time and/or a woman's fashion sense......I'll never understand it. Thankfully, Professor probably could not care less about whether or not I wear capris on He does prefer my hair down and he did tell me I could not chop it off. I think I complained a little bit just to be a brat and provoke a more firm "No" I actually loved it when he said that. And, I always have my hair down when we are together. :)

Hope this rambling helps to explain what I mean by Professor is demanding but not a micro manager. And I really kind of like it. :) I am definitely an independent girl but honestly, I feel most free when I am restricted. Limitations lovingly set can feel extremely liberating. Demanding authority can irritate me in some forms......but for a spanko girl with a discipline core, it is an intense trigger. And when I found that in Professor it made me feel small, safe, secure, protected, at times challenged, cared for. You can not set expectations high for someone you do not care about. Yep, I am definitely glad my Disciplinarian is demanding. I've said for a very long time, 'It takes a very special man to make me weak in the knees when I am about to be draped across his.'


  1. I think that trying to convince him that you were in a fugue state would be a bad idea, too. ;)

    I'm curious - did you get your MCAT results? Please don't feel that you have to say anything if you don't want to, I don't mean to be intrusive. I've just been hoping you did well.

  2. Thanks for asking Susan......I dont mind at all. I will have them this coming week (I hope). :)

    And yes.....a very bad idea and a complete waste of But, like I said, I kind of really like that. I prefer a demanding Dominant to a push over. If I could talk my way out of things with him then it wouldn't be very effective discipline, would it? Oh and he wouldn't get near as effective upper body workouts

    I gave up on convincing him of my excuses long ago.....but I do now know how to confuse need to give the man a smart