Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Miracles DO Exist :)

Quick update to my earlier post.......I am NOT in trouble! Hooray!  **sticks my tongue out at all of you**  Want to know why? Well, obviously's because my Professor is perfect. :)

He called me tonight.....after 8pm which is rare for him.....that was one of the first warnings he gave me....."I am not a late night man"......yeah, so when the phone sputtered out his ringtone at 815pm, I thought he was hurt or had some sort of life-altering issue so I grabbed my phone and accidentally sent him to voicemail. I quickly dialed him but as it rang the third time, I laughed because I knew he couldn't figure out how to answer call waiting......his lapses in technological advances amuses me to no end.....especially given, he is the most intelligent Uber Geek I know......well suppose I'm prejudiced because he is MY Dr Uber Geek......but he is damn smart. :)

I waited a few minutes and called him back, then gave him a little grief for not knowing how to answer his own He even laughed with me. :) Love that. As our conversation progressed, I tried to slip in quickly & quietly that I'd gotten pulled over. He already knew.....and said he had responded via email, but I hadn't seen it. 'Uh oh'......I think his voice lowered an octave.....**pouts**  He asked me his typical Professor interrogation questions, I answered and he said if I wasn't dangerous and I was polite to the uh, I mean officer, who stopped me......then I was not in trouble. The verdict was in my favor! :) 

He asked if I thought I should be in I am going to say 'yes' he has asked me that before and I have answered him 'yes' when I honestly thought I should be.....he has got me wrapped and he knows it. Kind of makes me smile because I know he knows it and he knows I know it too. :) Follow that???

I smiled and thanked him and could have hugged him through the phone......well until I realized Dr Technology-Retarded was talking to me on his cell phone while he was driving and he said he didn't know where he was. Yep, that set me off. I am just as protective of him as he is of me and him doing something that even makes me think he might be endangered irritates me and is a sure fire way to get me topping from the bottom......which he hates. He is not some tiny shrimp of a guy.....he is tall, has broad shoulders, strong arms, an intense stare.....and I am more than confident in his abilities to protect himself if he needed to.......but I'd rather not be the reason he 'needed to'. I could just see us talking mindlessly for a half hour and having him end up in the not so nice, west-side of Boston. I said the man is intelligent......and I promise he is......but, something tells me my Professor does not speak fluent 'Ghetto-nese'.....yep, don't want him lost......I kind of plan to keep him.

Oh.....and the miracle in this entire thing...........he called to tell me I was NOT in trouble BEFORE I decided to cause hell and make sure I truly 'earned' the spanking I was sure I'd get. Hooray! Now, I'm quite content to be back in focus, behaving like a good girl and in that oh so submissive subspace that man's voice puts me into......L-O-V-E IT!  :)

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