Naughty Irish Imp

Naughty Irish Imp

Monday, July 30, 2012


I knew it wouldn't take long.....though I didn't think it would happen so quickly. I'm definitely feeling the disconnect today.

My Professor is gone; today begins his 3 week family vacation. On one hand I'm happy that he is on vacation because the man works way too much and I know down time with his kids is good for him. So I am happy that he is taking a break.....though he tells me he will still do some work via telecommuting. *rolls my eyes* 

But then again I'm pouting and feeling disconnected, even though I just saw him last week. I think it's a psychological thing because geographically speaking, I think he is closer to me when he is at his vacation house than when he is really home. I think it is safe to say that over the last 6 months, I have become attached. Perhaps I have even become a tad bit spoiled. I am used to constant contact and immediate responses with Professor, most of the time. I even felt a bit of a disconnect when he took two day trips because I knew the communication would be decreased.....and now this is going to be 3 whole weeks. I wont be able to call him at the office when I have a question or just want to hear his voice. I have already had to wait longer for email replies. 

I suppose I could use this time to practice the foreign-concept of patience that Professor has been attempting to introduce to me? 

I could fall into the "when the cat's away, the mice will play" habit and intentionally misbehave.......but I know better and I gave Professor my word that I would behave in his absence......I'm hoping to have no new entries on my Punishment List to 'discuss' when he no intentional naughtiness in the forecast. 

I've got plenty to keep me busy with getting ready to move and all that entails. I just can't really seem to focus at the moment.......on anything aside from the distance I feel from Professor. I know by the time I get his next email, I will feel better and somehow closer to him.....but until then, I'm just sort of in a blah mood. 


  1. If I knew the secret to learning patience, I would tell you. Hm, maybe not here. Maybe I would write a best-selling self-help book, send you an autographed copy, then appear on Dr. Phil, or Dr. Oz, or Dr. Who. OK, not the last.

    It is hard to adjust when the support you are used to changes rather abruptly. Yes, you knew it was coming, but you didn't have a chance to practice this new dynamic. So, a bit of floundering is understandable. But you are an exceptionally intelligent woman, so I know that you can manage. Being happy about it is not required or expected.

    I do a bit of advice for you: Keep the promises that you make to yourself. That came from a Dove chocolate wrapper, but it's still a good idea. :)

  2. And another thing...

    I think that teachers know they have succeeded when their students succeed. I had one outstandingly brilliant teacher in law school. He taught civil procedure, a first year class. By the time I was studying for the bar exam, I should have needed a refresher, but I didn't. My law school held a reception for all of us who passed, and this professor, in his typically self-effacing way, said, "So, you passed the bar in spite of your lousy civil procedure class." It was a real joy to be able to tell him I hadn't even needed to review the subject. His smile - priceless.

    Show your Professor that he has succeeded.

  3. I am glad that he is getting this time for relaxing and family time because that is very important and he needs stuff like that. I guess I am just looking at the prospect of 3 weeks with limited contact and not knowing at the starting point how I will deal with it as the time progresses. I know I'll be fine, he will come back eventually and its really just a few weeks.....I mean it isnt like we wont be able to communicate at all, because we will.....I think it is just the idea of it being different from my 'normal'.....again, I think I am probably a little bit spoiled. :)

  4. you could still come misbehave with us, ya know? what your proffy dont know cant hurt him, or uh you. lol. or you could keep being a chicken and have no fun behavin cuz youre scared of gettin in trouble. c'mon and come out with us tomorrow night, it'll be fun....and he will never know...okay?


  5. If anyone in this world deserves some spoiling, it is you.